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    Will a distinction average in engineering actually grant you first class honours?

    in elec eng most courses ARE scaled because everyone does so badly
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    general eds

    ask your school or faculty office, as the rules vary somewhat between faculties. that MATH2871 might be deemed to be too similar to the rest of your degree - the purpose of gen eds is to branch out a little. for engineering, i think we could only do the normal GEN courses, or a language course...
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    Coop program for 2nd year

    only if someone from your cohort drops out (which does happen) normally the head of school will send an email to all undergrad students inviting them to apply.
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    Thesis students, how busy are you?

    it's all about topic choice. i do electrical engineering, and am doing my fourth year thesis this year. for most of the semester i probably spent an average of 1 hour per week on it, and then obviously quite a lot just before we had to submit a progress report and give a presentation. there's...
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    UNSW Coop Program-need advice!

    by all means apply for the co-op program, but don't think it's the be all and end all. my advice is that if co-op is what you really want to do, then that's great -- but if you're not sure, hold off -- because heaps of better opportunities come up when you're at uni. if you're good enough to...
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    Post your s2 2010 timetables here!!

    it depends if you have a good lecturer or not... in second year maths i actually enjoyed not having the lecturer for the tute, because they weren't always saying "well we already covered this in the lecture". the tutor assumed we knew nothing, and pretty much taught the material again from a...
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    Post your s2 2010 timetables here!!

    the class times for s2 2010 are available now at Class Search by Teaching Period create your ideal timetable using Rectangles 4th year engineering is mad -- i feel like an arts student :P
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    UNSW Tips & Tricks?

    here are some timetabling tips: you can normally view the class times well before enrolment opens up. for example the times for session 2 are already online at Class Search by Teaching Period create your ideal timetable at Rectangles it is already updated with the session 2 times
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    Enrolment for semester 2

    but you can go on Class Search by Teaching Period and see all the class times for session 2 now
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    Selling textbook computing for engineers 2ed

    Textbook Exchange - Welcome to Australia's largest second hand textbook site is the best place to buy/sell uni textbooks
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    Will a distinction average in engineering actually grant you first class honours?

    just be aware that some schools calculate the honours WAM differently to the WAM that appears on your academic transcript -- i know elec eng use their own system that places much more weight on 3rd and 4th yr subjects.
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    UNSW vs USYD in engineering. Which is superior?

    both unis are good. if you have the choice between the 2, look at the electives that are on offer, and which course you might prefer. if they're both pretty much the same, look at other stuff like uni life, transport, etc to make up your mind. for undergrad, those rankings are pretty meaningless
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    electrical engineering

    not really, just turn up to class and you'll be right. i'd say at least 50% of people have a credit average or higher
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    Best engineering school?

    hi there i was tossing up between USYD and UNSW back in the day, but after visiting both unis I chose UNSW just from visiting the campus, you could tell that the USyd engineering faculty was heaps smaller and all the buildings were in a really derro part of campus, but at UNSW engineering...
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    In your opinion, will a CompSci double degree make me more employable in ElecEng?

    computer science isn't a very hard degree if you are already a bit of a computer nerd, because it will come quite naturally. everyone i know who does elec/comp sci reckon that elec is much harder. (i think this due in part to the generally appalling quality of the elec eng lecturers...) im...
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    prove it

    Re: 回复: Re: 回复: Re: 回复: Re: 回复: Re: 回复: Re: prove it haha whoops i thought the question was asking to us for 2^{n+2}C_2 where C_2 was just a constant.... not 2\binom {n+2} {2} so if you did 4u maths last year, this year must be a bit boring for you then?
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    prove it

    Re: 回复: Re: 回复: Re: 回复: Re: 回复: Re: 回复: Re: prove it just curious -- as an hsc student, how did you do this step? have you memorised some formula that does it for you?
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    prove it

    Hi there I don't know if there is a proper "4 unit" method to do these, but this is sort of how i remember doing them in yr 12 First, calculate the integral using partial fractions. choose: u=x, dV=(1-x)^n dx You should get: I_n=\frac{1}{n+1}\int_{0}^{1}(1-x)^{n+1}dx Using this (replace n...
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    The 'I should have...' Thread

    yeah thats life. at the start of every semester i always say to myself that i'll bust my arse and get HDs in everything, but by about week 3 i've stopped caring; and by the time exams rock around i have a deep sense of regret for my laziness... not many people at uni work as hard as they...
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    What degree?

    i have no idea... Physics is a lot harder at uni -- it's pretty much all applying maths and calculus to solve physical problems. A good taste is the "mechanics" topic of 4 unit maths. also, when you say you are good at computing, does this mean you are good at programming? because if you are...