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    can you guys please shut up? I check this thread for any updates on loop holes to check my results - not read what you douche bags have to say about anything.
  2. snobby airlines

    Sport and Exercise Science

    I'm currently in 3rd year mate, what type of feedback you after?
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    US military launches attack on SYRIA

    rofl, aryanbeauty is still at it...some things will never change.
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    Muay Thai/Boxers

    Muay thai is awesome, best martial arts i've trained in. Used to train at JNI gym in Kingsgrove - not too far from CBD either, probably 10/15mins if using the M5? i miss it...should take it up again but it is a little harm in checking it out though.
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    Official Asian Cup 2007 Thread

    So this is what it looks like: 21/7/07 17:20 Quarter-Final 3 My Dinh National Stadium, Hanoi, VIE Japan v Australia 20:20 Quarter-Final 1 Rajamangala National Stadium, Bangkok, THA Iraq v Vietnam 22/7/07 18:20 Quarter-Final 2 National Stadium Bukit...
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    From Tafe To Uni

    Yeah, probably in terms of anatomy and physiology it'll help out. Not sure about the rest yet though I'm pretty sure all the practical stuff will be useful in the uni degree ie taking skinfold measurements, blood pressure, conducting fitness tests etc. I am yet to find out... And regarding...
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    Official Asian Cup 2007 Thread

    I agree. I don't really understand why people thought we had it 'easy' and that we'd 'comfortably' make it past group stages.... Asian teams are quite powerful and some have had a good reputation in regards to the WC. They've definitely had more experience than us. Just because we made it into...
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    From Tafe To Uni

    Studying Sport and Exercise science at the moment... Fitness was a breeze. Which TAFE will you be going to? Basically it was all about playing games, how to conduct classes/group sessions - along with basic anatomy and fitness testing. 'twas great fun.
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    From Tafe To Uni

    Well I only just started can't say too much yet but at the moment it's not too bad :)
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    From Tafe To Uni

    I completed a diploma in Fitness and a diploma in Strength and Conditioning (2 years) at tafe and applied/got accepted into UWS this year. I also got accepted into ACU... I know of a few people who completed their cert IV and went on to study at the ACU - but most completed at least one diploma...
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    Official Asian Cup 2007 Thread

    I actually think Harry did well considering the circumstances, if anything - the 'best' on the team. He was the least tired and kept strong. Have you been watching Thailand play? or Iraq...? After tonights game (Thai VS Oman) I'm actually very worried. Tomorrow should determine if we have...
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    Anyone interested in MT/Kickboxing?

    Yep that's right trained with Wendy from the day that I started - absolutely awesome. You're right she is a machine - i went to see one of her fights against a NZ fighter, she won it and claimed the Oceania title. Tiny yet vicious. Where's the last place you trained at Luke?
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    Gymnastics - beginner private classes

    Does anyone know of a place to do gymnastics for adult beginners? I'm looking to start it up and I'd prefer a private female coach. Somewhere in Sydney would be great.. Thanks! The snobster.
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    Anyone interested in MT/Kickboxing?

    I trained at JNI for a little while - awesome gym, great trainers. Mainly stopped as I was becoming a little tight on cash...i'd like to take it up again definitely - saw great improvement with fitness and pain threshold haha.
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    Home and Away

    OMG, how much do one of the girls on Home and Away look like Laverne from DotT?!? LOL
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    Appetite Problem

    Read it all: (regarding children) No thanks, i'm not here to 'prove you wrong'. I'm not saying Chiropractors will cure everything either. It was purely a suggestion and I don't see why it shouldn't work...
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    Appetite Problem

    You obviously don't know much about Chiropractors then. Anyone can give a good massage - you think they study for 4-5 years to do massage and manipulate your bones a little? When there is interference within certain nerve channels, different parts of the body may be affected thus leading to...
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    Appetite Problem

    See a Chiropractor. It could have something to do with your nervous system also. Or, simply have a killer of a session at the gym. Go do a cycle class and some resistance training for a good solid hour/ hour and a half. That should definitely bring back your appetite.
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    Intro to the Sciene of Hadith - Which is what I said. But was permissable later on. (It doesn't really explain anything - merely a statement). I go to people who have spent decades studying it. I don't go to online sites or...