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    will i get into early entry?

    Consider apply to UTS, Wollongong, Macquire, UNE etc. These schools pre much offer early entry to anyone.
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    first principle
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    dr du entrance exam year 10

    Call them up and ask what topics the students have covered in term 2 and 3 and focus on those topics. A majority of the questions will come from there.
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    4U for kurt

    Stick with Du. You can easily move up to A1 especially if Lam is your teacher!
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    Preparing for Chem Olympiad

    Hey, I was wondering what the best way to prepare for chem olympiad was considering that I am in year 11.
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    I recommend that you go to Sigma for Physics and Ace for Chemistry as they provide a better range of questions especially for exams. Also you do not need economics tutoring in year 11. Instead I suggest you put in the time to find questions online and just work through them and ask your school...
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    sig fig q again

    Should be 1 s.f.
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    Topic 3: Markets

    Notes on Topic 3 with the Tom Dixson, "The Market Economy" textbook in reference. Correction The law of demand When the price of an item decreases, individuals tend to purchase more of that product as it is cheaper in comparison to other products and it is more affordable. Not increases.
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    Topic 2: Consumers and Businesses

    Notes on Topic 2 with the Tom Dixson, "The Market Economy" textbook in reference.
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    Simple Trig

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    Simple Trig

    A bit late but where did you get this question from?
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    Physics and No Maths.

    Personally, I wouldn't recommend that you take Physics without any form of year 11 maths as some topics do get quite complex in terms maths so it could be beneficial to have some level of maths!
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    Yr 11 and 12 physics and Chem tutoring centres

    Hi Guys, Can someone direct me to the top Chem and Physics tutoring centres in Sydney. I am not doing bad in school and am in year 10. However, I would like to enrol now as I know they start the year 11 content in term 4. Please help me out!
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    ENGLISH tutors for year 10

    Does anyone know any good english tutors private or centres. I am really falling behind in creative writing but can do well in analytical writing. I don't really mind distance or cost as well. I just need to get into my schools advanced english class!
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    Medical Work Experience

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    Medical Work Experience

    Guys i'm interested in pursuing medicine and have to complete my year 10 work experience. Does anyone know where I can go for work experience?
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    Dr Du or Zhangs

    Where did you see their material cause multiple people have told me it's good