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    Module A notes

    Hey, I'll try to give you some advice, based off what I did in preparation for module A. I did Frankenstein/Blade Runner, now the first thing that comes to mind is the text types, how they differ, or how they are similar. In the course specifications, there is a rubric that outlines what...
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    Jakarta declaration

    Late reply, and you probably have the answer to this already, but no, the Jarkata declaration was part of the old syllabus, and is in no way involved in the new syllabus. Therefore, you don't need to worry about the JD as it was replaced with crap loads of info. on the OC.
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    I'm feeling generous :)

    Hey current and future PDHPE hsc-ers, One of the threads for this decided to share their past HSC information, so I thought I would be nice and do the same :) I know how much of a pain PDHPE is, but its simple when given the right information, and trust me, most text books only provide a...
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    Late Round Offers & Alternative Pathways

    Re: FAQ: Late Round Offers Hi UAC info! I have a similar situation to asparagus, except I accepted and enrolled with my main round offer at UNSW, however, I got a late round offer for USYD. I want to withdraw from my enrolment at UNSW, but I'm afraid that they might charge me any academic...
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    Hardest Module?

    Module B was an absolute toss! That's not even taking the text into account, it makes it even worse doing Hamlet.
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    Appealing for incorrect assessment ranks.

    ^ Agreed. The appeal by the principal must be lodged by today!
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    ATAR Estimate based on Yr 11 ranks

    I would say usually they remain the same, but its not your performance you should be worried about (clearly from the results), its your temporary competition (classmates). In year 12, they will shoot high and ALWAYS, there will be that one person that leaves you astounded as to the result they...
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    General Thoughts: Software Design and Development

    Never have I written so many algorithms in my life! NEVER AGAIN :D Although, it was a hard test...or maybe I really couldn't give a crap about SDD, but yea! Glad its over :D
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    Cramming for adrenaline rush! Look, Im surprised you are worrying about procrastinating now! Even to this day, the night before my SDD exam, I am procrastinating! Its in human nature, don't worry, as long as you can fit in some study now, you shall be fine in the future :)
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    Mutliple Choice answers for PDHPE .??

    Im agreeing with you now :( That was a bit tricky, I agree with your dynamic flexibility, not with the circuit. I also agree with the aerobic interval but not with the static in C. They should take both answers :D
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    Mutliple Choice answers for PDHPE .??

    I wrote aerobic interval, static and free weights. Firstly, aerobic interval, I know uses the aerobic energy system, but also trains the anaerobic threshold of the athlete, which is vital for elite basketballers to have in order to work for a longer period of time with lactic acid in their...
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    Mutliple Choice answers for PDHPE .??

    Now that you bring it up, Im a bit worried haha. Do you have all the answers on you?
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    Mutliple Choice answers for PDHPE .??

    I thought funding to ATSI would promote the principle of equity, where diversity means attending and recognising cultural differences that could harm ones access and benefits to health. Diversity primarily involved gathering people from different cultures and including them in local decision...
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    Mutliple Choice answers for PDHPE .??

    What question specifically are you guys talking about? I need a refresher :) Oh, and does anyone have the m/c they can post up online?
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    General Thoughts: PDHPE

    I wouldn't worry mate! Haha, sounds like you got the three :) I two of your ones than another random thing. Think I can get 2 for that :P
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    General Thoughts: PDHPE

    Yea, I wasn't sure what to talk about, so I mentioned all of them briefly. Had no idea what they wanted... :S.
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    General Thoughts: PDHPE

    The Improving Performance question on Planning and Overtraining was a bit ambiguous...
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    PDHPE Exam Thoughts

    How'd you guys go? Some questions were a bit ambiguous for me :/
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    PDHPE Option: Improving Performance

    Hey guys, I was just speculating about what the 12 marker may potentially be this year for Improving Performance, and I want other people's opinions. They have done technology in 2011 and overtraining in 2010. I am thinking its going to be drugs this year, and I will be expecting that over...
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    What raw marks do you think you got?

    80-85 Hopefully! I know I won't get a band 6 because of m/c and two questions in short answer and option :/