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  1. Loz_metalhead

    UNSW 2009 S2 Results Thread

    T2 ACCT3583 Management Accounting 2..........77 DN T2 FINS3641 Security Analysis & Valuation....81 DN T2 GENM0701 Contemporary Bioethics...........85 HD T2 GENT0911 Murderers & Medical Detectives...77 DN T2 LEGT2751 Business Taxation................78 DN I'm finished...
  2. Loz_metalhead

    UNSW 2009 S2 Results Thread

    It's my last semester as well. I haven't been this nervous waiting for results before.
  3. Loz_metalhead

    Finance electives

    If you want an easy finance course, take FINS3630. It would rate a 2/10.
  4. Loz_metalhead

    Finance electives

    I did FINS3641 this semester. It's probably the best finance course I have taken. FINS3635 is also good, but probably a little more difficult than security valuation. FINS3635 Options, Futures&Risk Mgmt 7.5/10 FINS3641 Security Analysis & Valuation 7/10
  5. Loz_metalhead

    Effects of Core Unit Restructuring on BEc/BCom

    I can't believe they are making MGMT1001 compulsory...I'm so glad I wont be starting next year.
  6. Loz_metalhead

    A question?

    I'm about to graduate. I have been asking myself the same question since I started...
  7. Loz_metalhead

    Easiest non first-year subjects

    Why don't you just put in some hard work and get an accounting major?
  8. Loz_metalhead

    General Education (Gen Ed) FAQ

    Hey, is anyone doing GENT0911 this semester? I have a tutorial tomorrow and it isn't up on webct yet:S
  9. Loz_metalhead

    The S1 2009 Results Prediction/Real Thread

    I was expecting them to come tomorrow. Getting a bit nervous now.
  10. Loz_metalhead

    The S1 2009 Results Prediction/Real Thread

    Yeh. I attended 1 lecture and left after 30 minutes. Ridiculous. It's a WAM booster though.
  11. Loz_metalhead

    The S1 2009 Results Prediction/Real Thread

    It's the first time it has ever happened though and the lecturer is a moron. Lol.
  12. Loz_metalhead

    The S1 2009 Results Prediction/Real Thread

    Just checked vista because I have been waiting for my participation mark for fins3630 and our finals result has been released:S Only did the exam on Monday. It's the first time I have ever seen my results before the official release.
  13. Loz_metalhead

    is possible to cram the entire syllabus for all your subjects in 3 weeks?

    I have 2 weeks to learn third year accounting/fins subjects. It's possible
  14. Loz_metalhead

    Doing acct2542 (corp fin reporting) together with acct3583 (mgmt acct 2)?

    2B is hard because the accounting standards covered are complex...mainly business combinations/consolidation I haven't done 3583, so I'm not sure what the work load is like.
  15. Loz_metalhead

    Post Your Timetable - S2 2009 Edition

    I'm only 1.57m and I consider myself a shorty.
  16. Loz_metalhead

    Post Your Timetable - S2 2009 Edition

    It's not bad. The 1 hour on Thursday is annoying though.
  17. Loz_metalhead

    FINS Electives!!!

    I did options last semester. It was harder than fins2624, but not terribly difficult. You just have quite a bit of time studying it.
  18. Loz_metalhead

    FINS Electives!!!

    I don't want to be stuck with Kingsley Fong, or heaps of group assignments. So what would be easier: Security Analysis and Valuation or Interest rate risk mgmt. I know they are both hard.f:haha:
  19. Loz_metalhead

    What you hate about UNSW

    I must have an iron gut:haha: