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  1. hurrotisrobbo

    What would you like to see on BOS 2005?

    And then everyone'll move onto the next Thing-To-Have. (Remember the post-count problems?) Your unique English skillzomglolrofl aren't doing you a lot of good if you're the only one able to understand what you're saying.
  2. hurrotisrobbo

    What would u do for ur lover?

    Bachelor Nachos = t3h BeST LOL. Cornchips, cheese, BBQ sauce. Put it in the microwave for 40 seconds. Quick snack. :P Edit: Hmm. It appears I didn't see the second page.
  3. hurrotisrobbo

    Finding your way around the forums\

    > mediocore > unemphetic ... How erudite of you, sir.
  4. hurrotisrobbo


    It's not the easiest of things to find, especially if you don't know the specific terms. Stop being an elitist fuck already. Thank you.
  5. hurrotisrobbo

    Finding your way around the forums\

    Possibly the most useless post in the entirety of Bored of Studies. I've got a better link, and it has all the stuff below plus more, right here. You might want to check it out. It's, like, y'know, cool.
  6. hurrotisrobbo

    The Anime Thread

    What, besides the ones in the pictures? :rolleyes:
  7. hurrotisrobbo

    Disabling internet explorer

    Yes, mum. (Extra lengthening characters to meet posting threshold.)
  8. hurrotisrobbo

    Laptop Recs

    >Internet Connection Sharing via your dads computer WILL be a nightmare with a mac - it is annoying to say the least with a PC a mac only makes this more so. Whilst PC/mac compatibility has improved it is still not great. It's the same procedure for setting up both. >A new PC will be...
  9. hurrotisrobbo

    Laptop Recs

    If you can get used to the interface, you'll be fine. They have their own "interesting" problems like Windows machines, but in general they're fine. Be prepared to get used to a whole new set of apps, each with their own individual quirks. Compatibility with Windows machines is alright, but...
  10. hurrotisrobbo

    Disabling internet explorer

    As said earlier, it just removes the link on the desktop and the start menu. So damn useful. Oh yes, really. Shady_03: AdAware - Anti-spyware. Spybot - Ditto. ClamWin (ClamAV) - Anti-Virus, free/open, none of this fucking around with product keys bullshit. Download all three. Use them...
  11. hurrotisrobbo

    Do Guys Accept Flowers?

    Rose petals + chocolate == teh yummeh.
  12. hurrotisrobbo

    Why do people cheat?

    Or not. Ignoring everything else and only taking genetic diversity into consideration - your brother/sister or child is going to have similar genes, so there isn't much point. I think the 'evolution' excuse above is utter shit, but there you go. In response to the topic: Because they're...
  13. hurrotisrobbo

    The Anime Thread

    Animania, Supanova, Manifest, etc.... Err... We ended up cosplaying at Animania. Plenty of people doing it. :S
  14. hurrotisrobbo

    The trouble with love is..??

    Don't get me started on them. -_-
  15. hurrotisrobbo

    The trouble with love is..??

    As much as I like DDR, I'm going to have to disagree with you. DDR is exercise, but not a sport. Neither for that matter are stair steppers or treadmills. Have you seen anyone calling stair-stepping a sport? You might want to think of a couple of better examples.
  16. hurrotisrobbo

    Is this possible?

    Read the book, you twit. :)
  17. hurrotisrobbo

    Who's got a website? Manga, Tutorials, Cosplay pics, CG Galleries, err... That's pretty much about it. Oh, and art contests and stuff.
  18. hurrotisrobbo

    Console wars!!

    The Cube's version of Soul Calibre 2 has Link. Reason enough to get one. :D
  19. hurrotisrobbo

    SDD Major Project Ideas

    God help you if you ever made it to uni, you dropkick. What, like this? :P As far as ideas go, I agree that whoever said writing a battleships game is easy is a twit. If writing a game with AI is a little too difficult, try something database-ish. Say, for example, if anyone in...
  20. hurrotisrobbo

    Ban on Gay Marriage

    I do believe I have a link that's particularily appropriate. That is all.