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  1. hkgirl

    Official countdown for HSC results.

    i think im going to get a heart attack. my heart cant withstand this kind of nervousness and pressure. fcuk. call 000 for me please :D
  2. hkgirl

    Official countdown for HSC results.

    53mins By My Clock!!! Fcuk Im So Nervous!!
  3. hkgirl

    Official countdown for HSC results.

    it is currently the 19th December 2007 @ 4:13am according to my laptop clock. there's only 1hour and 47 minutes & HSC SHALL BE RELEASED!! omg im so freaking nervous!
  4. hkgirl

    legal studies

    yup i killed it. it was much easier than expected. and much easier than past papers. though the options were a bit different as they didnt word it with the "effectiveness" but still, straightforward :) i'm happy. and believe a band 6 is possible.
  5. hkgirl

    Legal Studies Scaling

    It is a new course called & commerce. it is available at the parramatta campus. they are hoping for 70 uai for first round offers.. probably drop down to 68 for second round. it's a nice course cause for the first year you do a general learning of the majors, then second year...
  6. hkgirl

    physics exam

    omg. i didn't see the . infront of the 37% i took it as 37%. omg i want to suicide now. and omg to the torque=fd. i calculated to 20 omg. i forgot to count from pivot & i do engineering studies. omg SHAME!!!
  7. hkgirl

    What subject should I drop?

    i think you should keep chemistry. just cause civil you may encounter the materials required for the structure. i did engineering studies in highschool and materials were part of my civil structure cord topic. that's why i recommend you to keep it. i would drop biology or business since they...
  8. hkgirl

    How was the test

    i thought the exam was ok. wasn't too hard, i thought it was easier than past papers. especially the engineering report part..i found that quite ok. but the pressure & battery raped me hardcore ><
  9. hkgirl

    Option: Age of Silicon

    who did age of silicon as their option? how did you find it? i thought it was much harder than all the other years. alot of calculations & the logic gate sucked. alot. i was expecting for a circuit with a logic gate & we just have to draw the truth table ><
  10. hkgirl


    i lost my 90+uai hope today after getting raped by physics exam. so here comes my 80uai. - -"
  11. hkgirl

    So who's screwed for legal studies?

    i just came home from physics, going to rest today & hardcore study for it tomorrow. but i dont thin legal's too hard. just need to prepare answers for the option topics :p
  12. hkgirl

    Oh Fuck I Missed Physics Exam

    i thought you can be late for an hour? but nah you can still get hsc & uai cause you're doing 12units. but you wouldnt have completed the course for physics cause you didnt sit for your exam
  13. hkgirl

    Module B - King Lear

    i found this year's KING LEAR module much easier than the past papers.. mainly because theres so much to talk about & can relate to productions easier! i talked about 2 relationships because my prepared essay was only 1000words hence too short if i only talked about 1. 1. Lear & his...
  14. hkgirl

    HELP: Integration using Substitution

    omg thanks so much!! you're sooo nice! you typed all that out for me!! how did you type the powers??
  15. hkgirl

    HELP: Integration using Substitution

    PLEASE HELP...:( this is urgent & i seriously don't get this topic!! 1) By using the substitution a) u = 2x + 7 b) u^2 = 2x + 7 find the integration of: x square root (2x+7) dx 2) Use the substituion u = 5 - x find the integration of: x squareroot (5-x) dx 3)...
  16. hkgirl

    Own notes or DL from BOS?

    Should i write my own syllabus notes or just download from the BOS then read & highlight? doing my own will be better in a way because it's in my language & i'll understand it better, but it will take heaps longer writing them out instead of just downloading then highlight, because if i...
  17. hkgirl

    Paralellogram Proof

    yeah sometimes my teacher like to chuck in 1 or 2 provings too. to see if we actually understand the proof or are we just remember formulas :/ so i try to learn the proves too. :)
  18. hkgirl

    Q: The Parabola

    EQUATION OFTHE CHORD JOINING P (2ap, ap^2) AND Q (2aq, aq^2) ON THE PARABOLA x^2 =4ay does anyone have any notes on this topic? or explainations? my teacher aren't the best & it's really confusing me :( one example question i have trouble with is: one extremity of a focal chord in the...