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    Kinda wanna sit a crisp hand written 1900s HSC paper

    printers existed in the 1900s
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    State rank

    Depends on the subject but you can estimate an exact mark from past data: Advanced Mathematics you usually need like 100 but Chemistry usually cuts off at 98 In my attempts for perfect subject scores I literally bought every available textbook for a subject rather than just the one that the...
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    Subjects - many many questions

    Maybe think like: "If I could have a lesson tomorrow on any of these subjects, which would I choose?" or something Try to choose whichever you think would be the most fun, I think entertainment is one of the most important aspects to consider Also maybe look into the actual course content that...
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    Subjects - many many questions

    If you have completed 5.3 maths then you can do chem easily without HSC mathematics skills. It is mostly just addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with some index powers like 3 squared 9 cubed or 10 to the power of a number
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    trials word count

    Test whether you can write that much within timed conditions identical to the exam, then maybe decide on quantity etc
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    trials word count

    I'm doing 1500
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    Subjection Selection Year 10

    One of my year 12 chemistry depth studies was just an excursion to the UNSW lol pretty much a day off school and 0 work required
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    Subjection Selection Year 10

    I would take whichever you find the most fun, regardless of difficulty or performance. One more thing to consider would be that you can do extension history or extension science in year 12 if you also undertake a history or science, which are both very rewarding subjects
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    Am I Screwed?

    You still have a high chance of getting band 6! Do not give up, you can do it
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    CSSA Trials paper 1 Std. thoughts...

    I used the question to guide my understanding of the last poem, whereby the question asked for how it presented paradoxial behaviour or something so I just found lines that did that in the poem and chose the third one as a comparison, but I felt like the first could have worked as well
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    how did everyone find the english trial papers?

    For the Catholic trial I found the comprehension really easy but the essay I kinda rushed, 3 sentence conclusion www
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    CSSA Trials paper 1 Std. thoughts...

    For the first text I wrote about how although they shared the same childhood conditions - which was symbolised through the motif of aeronautics whereby they share the same map - they take different paths within that map or something
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    HSC Trials is in one week from now and I have not started studying properly

    I agree 100%. Sure your results might not be the best but if you start studying now you can still achieve
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    can i get >90?

    With those ranks and trials still left you can definitely get 90+ Good luck!!!
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    2020-HSC chat

    Most of my trials are 40% or 30%, for some subjects I had take home assignments worth more than the trials :angel:
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    Chemistry - Typed vs Written Notes

    Chemistry and Physics are pretty unique due to the fact that they contain numerical skills like maths as well as raw content like humanties. Due to this reason I tape my chemistry notes onto the walls of my study lol
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    do i hold a chance

    I want to buy NESA and then delete mandatory english
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    Highest Aggregate HSC Scores

    I believe that during the UAI system there were multiple students who achieved 498 and 499, however there is not much data available since the ATAR was introduced. This is just my opinion but I believe that the many overhauls that haven taken place to the system over the past 30 years may...
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    N award

    Hey just want to let you guys know that the person you are replying to graduated 11 years ago lol