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  1. wizzkids

    Chem help

    All electrode potentials are defined as reduction potentials. The reduction potential of Cu2+ to Cu(s) Eo is 0.34 V and the reduction potential of Hg2+ to Hg(l) Eo is 0.85V. The reaction is non-spontaneous, mercury metal will not displace copper ions from a solution of copper sulfate. Here is...
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    shouldnt h2o be tetrahedral geometry

    You should recall from valence shell electron-pair repulsion theory that the bonding and the non-bonding electron pairs occupy positions as far away from each other as possible. Yes, that means the electron pairs are in a tetrahedral arrangement, but it also means the two hydrogens are in a bent...
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    Mechanics Help

    Yes, the coefficient of friction is always a positive number. The friction force always opposes the direction of incipient motion. If you are pushing the block up the ramp, the friction force acts down the ramp, and vice versa. That's a strange way to describe the coefficient of friction, to say...
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    when did the syllabus last change??

    Yes, it was 2011. According to NESA, new syllabus consultation with teachers and school systems will start in 2025, syllabus written by 2027, start teaching in 2028 and first examination in 2029. It's a long slow process, so five more years of examining the current syllabus.
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    Special Rel M7S4

    No, Michelson-Morley is not explicitly in the syllabus. You can't be asked questions about this experiment. The whole "luminiferous ether" model has been removed. I can only guess that their reasoning was because this experiment produced a null result, and it was not referred to by Einstein in...
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    How to read integration values

    The integrated peak heights are used to determine the number of protons in closely similar chemical environments. Look at those stair-step graphs. The height of the step is the integrated value. The peaks at -1.3 and -2.0 have the same step height so they represent the same number of protons...
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    Where can I find solutions to past HSC papers 2001-2008?

    Go to the NESA website. There is an exam archive with the examination packs for all the past papers. Here is the link for Chemistry:
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    depth study help

    Well, I disagree. However, you must follow what your teacher wants because he/she is going to mark the work.
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    HELP!! Does anyone have an explanation for this?! My calculations are completely wrong?

    Don't be too discouraged by the inaccurate results. This is quite normal for student first-hand investigations of enthalpy of combustion. The errors are huge. You are right about the incomplete combustion causing an error; it is much more difficult to achieve complete combustion for pentan-1-ol...
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    What mod 5 concepts can I test in Luna Park

    Yeah that should be good. In the equation ac=ω2r then you are changing the parameter "r", I'm sure that if you keep an open mind and you are observant that you will think of other related measurements. And don't miss out on going on the Rotor (but take a sick bag, just in case).
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    Ray diagrams

    You are in Year 11, Yes? What you will need to understand and be able to apply in Year 12 Physics is the different models for light. There is the wave-front model and the ray model and you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of each model. The light ray is always normal to the wave-front.
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    What mod 5 concepts can I test in Luna Park

    If you are doing amusement park rides, then it's probably not practical for a student to change the parameters of the ride. According to the Luna Park website, the angular velocity of Volaré is 17 revolutions per minute but it must start from zero and accelerate up to some maximum angular...
  13. wizzkids

    Hey y'all I was wondering if I am overdoing it for my depth study?

    Suggestion: fix the grammar in your aim. The verb doesn't make any sense. 20 pages is too much for a Year 11 depth study. If your hypothesis is 200 words, that is ridiculous. Your hypothesis should be no more that 2 sentences, so 30 words.
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    depth study help

    Since you are making a video then you must obtain the frame rate from the metadata in the video file. The frame rate might vary between experiments. Do you know the frame rate? The blur in the position of the ball is caused by the shutter speed of the camera. If the shutter speed of the camera...
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    how to write detailed answers in limited time?

    Plan your answer on a spare page at the back of the paper. One minute spent mind-mapping your answer will save time, gain your more marks, avoid mistakes, and it will make your answer easier to read and mark. Oh and don't forget, "a picture tells a thousand words" so a well drawn labelled...
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    standard solution q

    If that's exactly what those authors said about preparing a standard solution, well their opinions are wrong.
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    standard solution q

    ANSWER: no effect on the concentration of the standard solution. The two critical parameters for making a standard solution are you must have an accurate number of moles inside the flask, and the volume must be made up to the scribe mark with distilled (or deionised) water. The temperature of...
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    question about resonance

    Sound resonance in tubes works like this: Air molecules can oscillate as a longitudinal wave up and down a tube. An open end is always an antinode, because the air molecules are free to oscillate without any restraint. A closed end is always a node, because when the pressure wave arrives at the...
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    Does anyone have resources for photoelectric depth study?

    Now I know it is a bit hard for high school students to obtain apparatus for a first-hand investigation. Your research can be a first-hand investigation or a second-hand investigation of other people's data; they are both valid for depth studies. You could investigate modern devices that exploit...
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    Does anyone have resources for photoelectric depth study?

    To gain a solid understanding of the evidence for the photoelectric effect, I recommend students watch this video. It's an oldie but a goodie. Don't worry about the wooden Physics professor who does the demonstration; he knows his stuff, that's all that matters.