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  1. chingyloke

    First Day of Uni...

    Started at 9 and finished at 6...went quicker than i thought it would. Alot of Teds people doing med so it was pretty good.
  2. chingyloke

    O-Week 2010

    so much free stuff. get amongst it.
  3. chingyloke

    Things that makes you feel good

    beating your PB over 5k's.
  4. chingyloke

    Med elective

    hey guys. I have to choose an elective for first year med and it's down to anatomy or philosophy. I'm leaning towards anatomy because it may come in handy in the future...but i think i'd really enjoy philosophy. Should I do anatomy sheerly because of its potential usefulness?
  5. chingyloke

    Premier League- Favourite Team

    Manchester United.
  6. chingyloke

    Saints win superbowl!!!!!

    saints. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-
  7. chingyloke

    The Accepted to UNCLE Thread

    Hey comrades. Accepted into Bachelor of Medicine. See you all there.
  8. chingyloke

    What are your final UAC preferences?

    1. Med at UNSW 2. Med at Newcastle/Armidale 3. MedSci at UNSW 4. B Science/B Law at UNSW Then physio and some science degrees...
  9. chingyloke

    Women only carparks

    a win for men. bravo.
  10. chingyloke

    UNSW AAA Scholarship

    I'm in the same situation...only applied like 2 weeks ago...
  11. chingyloke

    18th Party Themes

    Hey guys. I'm having my 18th next month and have no idea for themes. Was thinking a Toga party but my mate did that a few weeks ago. The other was sports but that seems a bit lame. Any suggestions?
  12. chingyloke

    the perks of an awesome atar and very happy parents

    They put me in the paper and on the news in my tiny town. Pretty much a celebrity now. Lol.
  13. chingyloke

    your current favourite song

    lol. used to be my wake up alarm.
  14. chingyloke

    All Rounders List

    missed out on all rounders by one mark in physics. dang.
  15. chingyloke

    Share your 2009 ATAR here

    also 99.10 :) yaaaaaaaaaaay.
  16. chingyloke

    Share your 2009 HSC results here

    Chem - 91 Eng Adv - 94 Eng ext. 1 - 47 Eng ext. 2 - 46 Maths ext. 1 - 94 Math ext. 2 - 78 Physics - 89
  17. chingyloke

    Shameful Music

    Miley Cyrus...sorry everyone. Also the High School Musical soundtracks
  18. chingyloke

    why english is compulsary