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  1. Pain

    What Excercise Did You Do Today?

    Starting Strength routine ? Nice. How's it working out for you in terms of physique?
  2. Pain

    Official Pokemon game thread

    O HAI Anti-Piracy freezing game every 24 events
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    Show and Tell

  4. Pain

    This is the thread where we go fml

    Bridging course. Life saved. Thread saved.
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    How accurate are SAM/UMAX?

    2u subjects put your alligned mark on the first column - Eng adv : 95 / X / X 1u subject put your alligned mark on the third column -SoR 1 : x / x / 46
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    All nighter on BoS on dec16th

    IN on all-nighter
  7. Pain

    Which film is better for belonging?

    Avoid that there Titanic.
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    VIDEOs & EXT 2

    Animating on powerpoint? EPIC LULZ
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    I wanna tone up - advice?

    Truth. This man knows it.
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    1: Chicken breast: The best protein source and can be use in abundance 2: Low mercury fish: Make sure the fish has low mercury like Flounder 3: Lean beef: Make sure that the beef is at least 4-8% fat 4: Eggs: Highest biological value of all protein sources but watch the cholestorol 5: Dat dere...
  11. Pain

    Just got an EAS Email. Did I get APPROVED? (serious thread)

    Fuck off? I just wanted thoughts and opinions.
  12. Pain

    Just got an EAS Email. Did I get APPROVED? (serious thread)

    Ah I see, So it's a confirmation letter... FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
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    Just got an EAS Email. Did I get APPROVED? (serious thread)

    Here is E-mail Script : This email is to let you know that, on behalf of participating institutions, UAC will be writing to you at the end of this week to advise you about your eligibility for consideration under EAS for 2010 admissions. Your letter will include your eligibility status for...
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    First Place in Course

    In for PM of the unofficial list from namu or whoever the fuck.
  15. Pain

    How can I make my holiday more productive?

    Counting cards DOES NOT EQUAL Black Jack success.
  16. Pain

    "Aussie Cricket Team Too White"

    Why doesn't Jeff count?