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  1. Ragerunner

    A good to finish uni early? Please comment.

    I think he has multiple personality disorder, otherwise known as Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID).
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    How many hrs per night?

    if you consider my uni progress the question should be rephrased as "how many hours do you study a month?" becauase most days i don't study :D
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    Semester 2 results ?

    Results are out now. Not that good but happy I just barely passed everything! S2 GENC3003 Personal Financial Planning......65 CR S2 INFS2603 Systems Analysis and Design 1....69 CR S2 PSYC3201 Psychopathology..................51 PS S2 PSYC3211 Cognitive Science................63 PS Term WAM...
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    Chemistry scaling

    All option topics are scaled the same.
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    hmm if its SEC that means it is mostly a sitting down concert? why are they holding it during the uni exam period :(
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    What goes into the UAI?

    Here is a flowchart outlining the processes involved in obtaining your UAI and HSC. Basically your HSC is divided into 2 parts. The external HSC exam mark and the internal assessment mark. The HSC mark is simply the average of the 2...
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    Importance of trials

    Your trials 'usually' count for about 40% of your internal assessment within the school. And your overall school mark will count for 50% of your HSC. So the basic answer is yes the trials could have a major impact on your UAI, but that really depends on how much your trials were worth and how...
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    How is your mark calculated in 4U maths?

    That is correct. 3U and 4U maths each count for 2 units.
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    School UAI Estimates

    Schools that use UAI estimators are quite dodgy unless they make it very clear that A: The marks you input into the calculator has no real reflectance of HSC performance since the marks obtained are from non-standard assessments that vary in difficulty in comparison to the HSC exam. B: Not...
  10. Ragerunner

    hsc exam -MARK-

    Do you mean the RAW HSC exam mark? - That is not revealed to the students when the results come out in December. The moderation and allocation to another student as you mentioned only refers to your HSC internal assessment mark.
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    any good importers round? they might have some that could be imported. but to be honest, putting an EVO engine into another car is pretty lame. why make a car something its not? if you want an evo, get an evo. otherwise get something else
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    Interpreting your results from SAM

    Seeing the large amount of threads that keep popping up asking whether SAM is accurate I've decided to clarify a few things as I understand how mis-interpreting the results could have a big impact. Briefly, what SAM is not intended for: <li> Inputting half yearly marks <li> Inputting any...
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    estimation please...85+?

    What part of the HSC are you worried about? Not getting into Uni? Or not achieving your target UAI? To be honest, either should be irrelevant at this stage. As I keep telling people, thinking about progress too much is time wasted that could be put into study. And if you are constantly...
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    </3 Sam :(

    The problem is exactly what most people who use SAM do. Those half yearly marks are simply not a good comparison to use against HSC marks. The ideal purpose of SAM is to estimate what UAI you would achieve if you sat the HSC in the selected year and attained those particular marks in the HSC...
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    ranking question

    I'm not sure what you are trying to say in that. When you are ranked first internally, it means you will receive the highest HSC exam mark as your HSC assessment mark. This mark may or may not be your own. If you were ranked first internally, and come last in the HSC exam with say 75/100. And...
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    ranking question

    If you were ranked first, then flunked the final exam, you'd still get the highest HSC exam mark as your HSC Assessment mark. That may or may not be your own mark.
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    ranking question

    It's not a guaranteed thing. When you are ranked first, it will mean that you will receive the highest HSC exam mark as your HSC mark. So if you are in a very low performing school and the highest mark ends up not being that high, it's possible to still get below 90. Though, usually, in most...
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    Use eBay and help BOS!

    no one joining? :(
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    Use eBay and help BOS!

    I totally forgot that you are not allowed to sign up using multiple accounts (well at least if you don't get caught). One thing that actually surprised me is that you now don't actually need a credit card to sign up to ebay. I remember years ago when I made my first ebay account I had to provide...