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    Help w chem question

    6) What mass of the indicated substance do you need to weigh out to make the following solutions? a ) Barium hydroxide to make 0.5 L of 0.060 mol L–1 hydroxide ion solution
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    Pearson's Chemistry Textbook

    Hello, If its not a violation of copyright or anything.. it is possible for anyone to send a digital copy of a year 11 Pearson's chem textbook to me? If you happen to have one and are willing to send, can you please dm me and i will send you my email. Thank you
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    Atar estimate (for year 10?)

    Hello! So i am a year 10 but a lot of people here seems to doing this Atar estimation thing. I was wondering if you could give me an idea of what my atar would be if year 11 and 12 were to go as im doing at school right now. I know these marks wont accurately reflect my performance but here it...