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    How to defer your offer?

    I accepted my offer into CSU Dubbo for Early Childhood/Primary teaching, and I want to defer it. Would anyone know to go about that?
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    One Direction

    What's your favourite 1D song and why? Mine is Little Things! <3
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    Transferring - CSU Dubbo to CSU Bathurst

    I'm taking a gap year in 2013, and then I'm going to CSU in Dubbo in 2014. Would I be able to transfer to Bathurst the year after in the same course?
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    Early Childhood or Primary?

    I've been accepted in Southern Cross - Coffs Harbour - for Early Childhood, but I've also been accepted in UNE in Armidale and CSU Dubbo for Early Childhood/Primary. I have also applied to CSU Bathurst for the same course. I was wondering would it be better to do just Earlyc Childhood, or both?
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    CSU Early Entry

    Who has gotten early entry into CSU?
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    How to study?

    I'm not too sure of how to study for the exam. Could anyone help please?
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    Exam Prep

    How is everyone preparing for the exam tomorrow? Is everyone ready? Also, what are your prescribed texts and what have you chosen for your related texts?