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  1. whatafeeling

    Uni bonus points help?!

    Hi all, I’m confused as to how the bonus points (now known as adjustment points) work- when do we get these bonus points and how do we know if we will get them? How do I know I am eligible? I’ve done EAS but that’s not bonus points is it? I know it’s based on ur subjects, marks and...
  2. whatafeeling

    Sports Med wtf

    Ok so the exam was pretty good except the 12 marker for sports med! How is talking about “ethical considerations” worth 12 marks? And how was the exam overall for everyone? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. whatafeeling

    Multiple choice- first or last?

    So maths is in a few days and I wondering what u guys think or will do in the paper. Start with Question 11 and then do MC last since it’s easier to get marks in that section? Or just do it in order so u can get the easy marks first and then work on the hard ones later? Sent from my iPhone...
  4. whatafeeling

    Mod B Critical Study of Texts - 2018 Paper 2

    Anyone doing SPEECHES for MOD B, Wondering if anyone has any predictions of what speech they will ask us to write about, if they do? They won't ask the ones they already have in the previous years, such as Saddat or something right? Could they possibly ask for one of the shorter speeches...