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  1. AGB

    Difficult motion question - trial tomoz plz help

    Hey, I have been trying to get this question out but I really have no idea... The rise and fall in a sea level due to tides can be modelled by simple harmonic motion. On a certain day, a channel is 10 metres deep at 9am when it is low tide, and 16 metres deep at 4pm when it is high tide...
  2. AGB

    CSSA Trial

    Hey guys, Sorry, but I had to delete the CSSA Trial thread... there are some schools who have not done it yet, and it therefore gives some people an unfair advantage... I'd appreciate it if you would refrain from talking about just for a couple of weeks or so... Cheers :)
  3. AGB

    Integration q... im stuck...

    Hey ppl, Could someone please help me with this question... integrate the following: e<sup>-x</sup> ------- 1 + e<sup>2x</sup> I just have no idea what to do... everything I try just seems to get nowhere Thanks
  4. AGB

    john laws and alan jones

    i cant believe someone hasnt already started a thread about this!! haha... its the biggest news of the day!! what does everyone think??
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    gee...this forum is overflowing with questions... is there actually any point in having it??
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    Important - eco issue

    Hey everyone, I am not sure if you have seen the papers over the last couple or days of the news lately, but there has been a lot on environmental issues. Later on (topic 3) you do a fair bit of work on environmental issues and its usually fairly difficult to find info that everyone else...
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    how do u graph this?

    the "/" mean absolute value.. /y/ - /x/ = 3 ??? thanks
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    complex no. prob

    gday everyone....can someone please explain the deduce part of this question to me... 1. Find the modulus and arguement of each of the complex numbers z and w, where: z = (1 + i) / (1 - i) w = (sqrt2) / (1 - i) Plot the points representing z,w and z + w on an Argand diagram (I can...
  9. AGB

    easy differentiation q, but i cant do it :(

    can someone please do this?? i know its easy, but yeh....: d/dx [sin.x (1 - x)] either im wrong or the books wrong (and i seriously hope its the latter)
  10. AGB

    application of differentiation question

    can someone please help me with this? an isosceles triangle has equal sides of length 10cm. the angle @ between these equal sides is increasing at the rate of 3 degress per minute. show that the area of the triangle is increasing at (5sqrt3.pi)/12 cm^2 per minute at the instant when @ = 30...
  11. AGB

    essay questions

    hey i was wondering if someone could post up some possible essay questions that relate to the following syllabus dot points.... a survey of political, economic and social problems in the period 19181923 characteristics of relative stability in the period 19241929 collapse of the Weimar...
  12. AGB

    complex number problem

    i know that this is a really easy question, but i just dont get it... find all solutions to z^4 = -1 can someone please explain this to me??
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    READ: Spam Dear preliminary forum users, I am sure that most of you have realised that, as of late, this forum was beginning to become a popular place for spam. Unfortunately, this is not the forum for this sort of thing to take place, and if you wish to make such posts, please do it in the...
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    complex no. q

    can someone please explain this to me?? the following is from a ext 2 book.... z(3i-1) = 5(-3+2i), divide by (3i-1), change the signs. therefore z= 5(3-2i) 1-3i i dont understand why you change the signs in the numerator and denominator when you divide by (3i-1) :confused...
  15. AGB

    tip for AOS

    i was speaking to the head of our english department a few days ago about AOS, and he is a hsc marker, and he was saying that the the three main things (and really the three only things) that you must focus on in the aos part of the paper are : *what: what is the purpose/meaning *relation to...
  16. AGB

    Raw ext 2 marks

    hey everyone, i was wondering if someone here would be able to give me an estimate of what raw mark would give an exam mark of 90+..... i know that the board does not publish these, but i thought that someone here might have an idea..... p.s. i also posted this post in the uai/hsc marks forum
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    Maths Extension 2

    i was wondering if someone knew what the raw marks in the extension 2 paper were scaled to to give an exam mark of 90+ .......i know the board does not give these out, but i thought someone would have an idea...... i heard from a teacher at my school that a raw mark of about 60 would give an...
  18. AGB

    good supp text for imag. journey

    i just found a text that is actually pretty good for imaginative journeys....the board game 'snakes and ladders' here is some of the stuff i found about it on the internet (copy and paste) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- "like Snakes and...
  19. AGB

    Economics Practice Questions & Past Papers

    Short Answer Questions and Sample Responses Remember these responses are just the answers of one student. They are by no means 100% correct and are just for reference of how another student has gone about answering them. Topic 1 Topic 2 Topic 3 Short Answer Questions The following...
  20. AGB

    A Beautiful Mind

    Hey everyone, I was wondering whether or not someone would be able to help me out with techniques for this film. I am planning on doing it as one of my supplementary texts for imaginative journeys, but at the moment, I am a bit lost in regards to the techniques...... Any help would be...