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    How to effectively use reading time to do well in exams

    Hi everyone, I wanted to offer some insight into how I used my reading time in exams when I sat the HSC (a long time ago!) :) My advice is geared towards the Sciences and Math but can be extended to other subjects. When reading time is provided during an assessment, it is generally limited to 5...
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    [UPDATE 23/4: TEMPORARY SUSPENSION OF FREE LESSONS - Send questions to email:] Hi there! For those bored at home and missing school already, I am offering free 30 minute lessons to any student who wants to further themselves in their study of Physics or Maths! Please...
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    Trial Revision - 99.70 - Parramatta

    Hi, I will be offering trial revision at Parramatta over the next few weeks for any of the following subjects: -Chemistry -Physics -2U/3U Math Able to cater up to two students per lesson. HSC marks: Chemistry (95) Extension 1 Maths (97) Extension 2 Maths (95) Physics (94) About...
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    Combined Law/Eng at USYD

    Hi, just wanted to know the experiences of any person who has completed or currently in this double degree. I would like to know what advantages one has upon the completion of this double degree in terms of how Law may complement an Engineering career and vice versa. Does taking this degree...