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  1. ishq

    Mechanics - Circle Geometry

    A topic I simple detest. Why can't we breeze through with only resisted motion? *sigh* Anyhow - question: A particle hangs by a light inextensible string of length a from a fixed point O, and a second particle of the same mass hangs from the first by an equal string. The whole system moves...
  2. ishq

    Bachelor of Accounting, UTS

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone is doing/planning to do this couse? :D
  3. ishq

    Band 6 - Advanced English

    Hi! I was just wondering - all those 04's who got a band 6 or close to it in the HSC - what were your raw marks like in school exams/the trials? Do you think that these would have changed remarkably for your HSC? That is, did your essay format/structure/content completely change or did...
  4. ishq

    Crime Fiction - how many texts?

    Hey! The syllabus specifies that you must do at least three of the board approved texts. In the exam, we only have to write about two of these, and two of our related material (right?) How many texts are you studying in school? Two, Three or Four? I know a couple of schools doing four -...
  5. ishq

    Related Material in a Different Language

    Apparently its allowed to have supplementary material which is of a different language. Is anyone doing something like this? Or contemplating to do so? Also, if we do choose to do this, how do we go about qoutes and text references? Is it complete translation?