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  1. hk31

    Calculating GPA

    hey all! i have my WAM for first do i calculate my GPA?! thanks
  2. hk31

    MICRO vs QMA

    Which mid-session are you more comfortable with? Why?
  3. hk31

    can we postpone comm camp?

    ??? is there anything we can do to convince them to postpone it? or is it a little hard because all the arrangements have been made?
  4. hk31

    What's better?

    hey all is it better to cram all my commerce + japanese subjects into 3 longer days (mon, tues, thurs)... or spread them out over 4 shorter days??
  5. hk31

    Arts Tutorials

    hey all what's the site for signing up for tutorials in the Arts faculty?
  6. hk31

    distance between...

    hey all is it difficult to get from mathews theatre A to keith burrows theatre? how much time will it take? cos i have lectures in after the other....
  7. hk31

    UNSW ID Card

    hey all when do we get it?
  8. hk31

    My folder missing a page?

    Hey all i got sent this folder from FCE... and there's program outlines for all courses except for Commerce/Arts?!?! WTF??
  9. hk31

    UNSW clubs & societies

    hey all which one(s) are you joining?
  10. hk31

    B Comm/B Arts

    Hey all! who's doing this course?
  11. hk31


    hey all! When is the O-camp for 1st yr students doing commerce/arts?
  12. hk31

    Which supermarket pays better???

    answer please
  13. hk31

    What didn't count?

    Which unit(s) didn't count for your UAI? For was 1 unit of Economics
  14. hk31

    Preferences Question

    Hey all! I'm thinking of doing comm/arts @ UNSW but there's a slim chance of me making comm/law -- because i have ACCESS If i put down comm/law as my first preference and i'm not i automatically get offered my 2nd preference (comm/arts) at main round offers!?! thanks
  15. hk31


    Hey all! I want to know when orientation is for UNSW and what happens if I can't make it. thanks
  16. hk31

    IT'S OVER!!! ...move over...

    I'm so glad it's all over :D :cool: the exam wasn't that bad... but it was definitely harder than last year's!!! now....good luck to all the 04ers starting 4U!!! wish u all the best!!!
  17. hk31

    the only one....that doesn't...

    Hmm... am i the only one that does maths ext 2 without doing physics?!!
  18. hk31

    Writing Booklet

    Hello... where do i find the writing booklet online... do you know what i'm talking about?
  19. hk31

    Anime, Manga thread

    Totoro hey u seen this kid's anime...???? i suppose it's ok for listening practice... easy to understand
  20. hk31


    i know...this is suppose to be in the ENTERTAINMENT section...but....who will actually go there and post stuff about chinese music?!?!'m sorry for those studious people studying chinese)....but what singers/groups do you pplz like?! fav song?