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    What is ^3 e3

    what is the "^3 E3" next to my extension 2 maths mark mean?
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    does anyone have the Diptych poem by Robert Gray?
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    Need help checking answer

    I've recently received a maths assignment and I need someone to check my answers. Thank you in advance
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    Movies that made you cry.

    My partner wants to cry? help?
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    how to dump someone??

    I don't like her any more because she's psycho. how to break up with her please give me steps like an experiment boser unite!
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    Ampress Enriched Birds Nest does anyone know what to do with this?
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    Shapespeare: The Tempest

    help me out pls, I'm preaching to the Shapespearians out there! TEXT : The Tempest, Shakespeare 1. Shakespeare's explorations of truth as an important outcome of discovery suggesting our need to develop self-awareness. TO what extent does truth become more speculative in the context of the...
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    How to study?

    I have an upcoming Mod exam for POM, what do I need to do to prepare for this exam? I was just going to do past papers and if I find something I don't know I'll revise on it, is this a good idea or nah?
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    Jersey names

    I can't think of any anyone got anything funny? my name is anthony
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    Intellectual Movies

    Does anyone have a list of intellectual movies? please add to the list. 10 Angry Men pi A Beautiful Mind The Shawshank Redemption Toy story :spin:
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    Kidney Experiment

    H16 justifies positive values about and attitudes towards both the living and non-living components of the environment, ethical behaviour and a desire for a critical evaluation of the consequences of the applications of science How does this question relate to dissecting a sheep kidney...
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    Quick homework help! confused /10, thanks in advance.
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    Quick Question

    can someone please explain the motion of a rocket when its increasing acceleration in terms of the law of conservation of momentum?
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    Pendulum Experiment

    Does this experiment help distinguish between non-inertial and inertial frames of reference? Aim: To calculate and the rate of acceleration due to gravity by investigating the gravitational effects on the oscillatory motion of an average pendulum. Apparatus: Retort Stand Clamp Boss...