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  1. mr EaZy


    Islamic Awareness Week 2009 28th September - 2nd October The Quran: A Guidance for Humanity Quran, a Guidance for Humanity by Dr Zacharia Mathews Monday September 28th NS Global Theatre at 1-2 pm (Robert Webster building) What is your Purpose in Life? by Afroz Ali Tuesday...
  2. mr EaZy

    textbooks in sci

    :wave: hi all, just wondering for biochem and microbiology- should i buy the txtbooks/?? reading survivor's posts, i think microbio should be interesting, but i'm not sure if a txtbook will add to my excitement lol hope i have survivor as a tutor :)
  3. mr EaZy

    CAMPUS CONVERSATIONS: Muslims in Sydney Media (WITH CPACS)

    Muslims in Sydney Media A CAMPUS CONVERSATIONS EVENT BEING HELD AT THE CENTRE FOR PEACE AND CONFLICT STUDIES. SEE THE ATTACHED FLYER. NO REGISTRATION NECESSARY. a seminar and discussion with panel Kuranda Seyit, Executive Director, Forum on Australian Islamic Relations (FAIR)...
  4. mr EaZy

    CAMPUS CONVERSATIONS: Muslims in Sydney Media (CPACS)

    Muslims in Sydney Media A CAMPUS CONVERSATIONS EVENT BEING HELD AT THE CENTRE FOR PEACE AND CONFLICT STUDIES. SEE THE ATTACHED FLYER. NO REGISTRATION NECESSARY. a seminar and discussion with panel Kuranda Seyit, Executive Director, Forum on Australian Islamic Relations...
  5. mr EaZy

    WAM question

    if im doing a combined degree and ive transferred from a previous degree at the same uni, how do i: a) find my wam for my separate courses? or b) ensure that that wam (i was only given one WAM) doesnt take into consid my previous course marks ?
  6. mr EaZy

    Campus Convos: Islam In The Media

    Hi everyone There was an event this week at CSU: Islam in the media Was anyone here there? I think it was targetted at the communications students (journos mainly, but it seemed like people from all over that faculty played a part in making it happen) Well... i was there :wave...
  7. mr EaZy

    Exam time questions and sem 2 issues

    1) where do i get babs past papers (coz they changed the name of the course from i dunno what- bios1101 doesnt work on the lib website) 2) Im going overseas at the end of the year, but does anyone recommend doing chem 2 over the summer? what about maths 2 over the summer? 3) only chem and...
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    UTS Journalism Lecture

    Hey everyone! A lecture has been organised with the Australian Centre for Independent Journalism at UTS Here's the details: =========================== Courting Controversy: Islam in the Media By: Kuranda Seyit, Executive Director of FAIR Date: Thursday 3rd May 2007 Time: 1 – 2 pm...
  9. mr EaZy

    Events: 3 Public lectures for students interested in politics and humanities

    Hi there, i organised 3 lectures at macquarie with the help of the school of politics and international relations CAMPUS CONVERSATIONS: EXPLORING ISLAM IN THE CONTEXT OF POLITICS ================ Muslims and the media By: Nasya Bahfen Senior lecturer at RMIT in Journalism...
  10. mr EaZy

    principles of colonial constitutional law

    has anyone done this? anything i should know about it? im a bit behind on the research skills coz i got exemptions to all the basic courses where u had to go to the labs and do the legal research stuff , although theres nothing to it anyways, so i just thought id do this as a refresher...
  11. mr EaZy

    b-cells and t-cells

    hi everybody! do b-cells and t-cells and macrophages "work" outside the body? if so can we use them in any meaningful way?
  12. mr EaZy

    Article: Muslim inventions
  13. mr EaZy

    hours in science :(

    if johnny does bio1 and chem1 in 2007, how many hours of classes,tutes,lecs, labs will he have to put in?? any tips on cutting back hours (like skipping lectures? since johnny did chem and bio in HS) :santa:
  14. mr EaZy

    science majors

    can i ask see the chem1101 etc bios etc math etc the stage one pre- reqs- 1) how do they compare with HS subjects? are they alright? do any students go "omg this uni science stuff is killing me- i hate it" ? having enjoyed it at HS.. 2) does science have any winter and...
  15. mr EaZy

    Another school shooting in the US

    "It was the nation's third deadly school shooting in less than a week, and one of the deadliest in U.S. history." this time in the amish region though, and the offender seems to be an middle aged male, the kind of gun...
  16. mr EaZy

    youtube: israeli spies in the USA (War on terror) and secret societies

    nearly 200 israeli nationals were detained/deported since 9/11 it shows the need to keep our telecommunications out of the private industry as possible or to regulate such ownership rights this issue was raised when singtel...
  17. mr EaZy

    Were israel's actions excessive?

    Was israel's actions excessive and disproportionate towards Lebanon and GAZA? MY view is this: I think that taking back a country (regardless of who happen to inhabit there including 3000 Aussies) 20 years is wrong... considering all the world community had done to repair the carnage of...
  18. mr EaZy

    timetable help!

    hi guys im enrolled in 15 cr pts to date, i cant enrol in any other commerce subjects coz most of the ones i want are meant for sem2 and dont have many lectures and they all clash with what i have so in the handbook wat comes after legal foundations, crim 1 and 2 public law ...
  19. mr EaZy

    practical exp

    does unsw commerce offer practical internships stuff at any big organisations? i think uts offers some of that
  20. mr EaZy

    UNSW Crim 1 & 2 - Difference?

    UNSW is the one of the only unis that has divided criminal law into 2 parts- crim1 and crim2 whats the difference between them? before i was a unsw i got hold of crim 1 notes from the unsw webct (i didnt need to log in) and it was all about what is a crime and the lindy chamberlain case...