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  1. KarmaKitten

    Obama wins nobel peace prize

    " for efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and co-operation between peoples". Apparently its that easy to win one.
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    Hi fellow ecop students. How is everyone finding junior ecop this semester? I included both subjects in the thread although I have a feeling the numbers are skewed in favour of 1002. I'm in ecop1003 and am enjoying it. Bill Dunn is great. And the reading is much smaller than the rest of...
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    Exam Timetable (Sem 1, 08)

    exam timetable is up, oooh here
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    So...ecop... Isn't it fun!
  5. KarmaKitten

    Safety in Cambodia

    So at the end of the year, I plan to go spend about a month in asia, mainly in Vietnam. However for the past couple of weeks I have been looking into stopping over in Cambodia as well. Now I have heard some interesting things about the country concerning safety etc, does anyone know or have...
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    What does everyone think of it so far? But more importantly does everyone have the same tutor? Jemima?
  7. KarmaKitten

    World Politics

    Am I the only one bored out of my brain in this course and annoyed with the lack of seating? And has anyone checked out the assignment, its just a research plan basically right?
  8. KarmaKitten

    class of 2004, confused

    my mother is bugging me about this but. until i find out about my uai, there is no enrolment or anything for uni is there? so all the enrolling, timetables, subject choices will happen AFTER I find out about my UAI? so i shouldnt be doing anything right now? im freaking out!
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    how prepared are you?

    Do you feel confident about tomorrow? I feel pretty confident with the individual and ww1, as for germany and cold war , as long it is on what ive studied!!
  10. KarmaKitten

    end of detente

    does detente end with the soviet invasion of afghanistan? cause im a bit confused. does that then signal the start of the so called 'second cold war' with Reagan? i just have a feeling the question might be on detente or something.
  11. KarmaKitten

    Possible UAI?

    Alright here is my info. I go to st george girls school, dont know what it is ranked, think it was 5 last year? My marks at the end of the year are English extension 2: 46/50 eng extension 1: 45/50 Advanced english: 81% general maths: 88% Legal studies: 63% ( yes i know. horrible...
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    Age Difference

    How much does age matter? How older than yourselves would you date a person?
  13. KarmaKitten

    school affecting scaling?

    How much does school scaling etc actually affect your mark. Eg if you went to sydney girls, what would the effect be? I just heard someone saying that going to certain schools makes a difference. is this true?
  14. KarmaKitten

    exemplar responses?

    On the boredofstudies site, there are exemplar responses for most subjects except legal. anyone know where I can get some? Its just that I need to see what the markers are looking for in the Optional Focus areas such as family ty
  15. KarmaKitten

    assessments over the holidays

    so how many did you get for the holidays? I got one research task which is also an exam for legal worth 20% An english advanced assment worth 10% and an extension english task worth 20% you?
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    Which medium is everyone doing or thinking of doing? I'm doing poetry myself, I could have done a website but staring at a website for a year would drive me crazy.
  17. KarmaKitten

    assessment weeks?

    Does anybody else have an assessment week/weeks this term? Ours is basically weeks 8 and 9. So far I have gotten the notice for advanced english and legal studies. I should get started but its soooo hard to get motivated. *growls*
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    I got mine today and it rocks! 8 free periods in all On monday I get to leave after lunch same with tuesday wed I have period 1 off and on thursday I dont have to be at school till 11.10 am! YAY I love my timetable and I got all my fav teachers
  19. KarmaKitten

    people doing ext his and 4unit english

    I will be doing ext history and ext 2 english next term and I was wondering if anyone started planning their ideas yet? or even had an idea? I'm stumped for history, I sort of have a vague idea for english but history is annooyyyinngg me... anyone else in my predicament?:confused:
  20. KarmaKitten

    doing poetry

    after reading the young writers showcase a while ago, i just realised only 2 students who did poetry made it and i realise that so many people do poetry but it seems to be the hardest... hmm...i wanted to do poetry for next year but i think i will go for short stories