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    last min question !! lawson

    for henry lawson if it asks for 2 related texts.. do we still have to write about 2 short stories?? usually its says 'you must write on at least 2 of lawsons short stories' sorry if its been asked before!!
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    into the world-related text question

    hi guys for module c: into the world as into the world is all about experiences /'entering into the world' --> growth of individual etc etc can your related text be about an INABILITY to 'enter' into the world--> decreased confidence and growth in general?? Just to make sure... thanks
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    structural change

    hi can anyone define 'structural change' lol?? yeh i know what it means... but hard to put 'exact words'..
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    stimulus creative question

    hi guys if the creative question is:'use the following quotes as a BASIS for your story'say'i felt expelled and exiled'would you have to incorporate that quote into the story ... or superficially???or if your story fits perfectly with this idea, would you still need to add the exact words of the...
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    multiple choice help

    hi need help on some questions from 2008 hsc 12 How could the Australian government finance a budget deficit while maintaining external stability? (A) By increasing domestic income tax rates (B) By...
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    multiple choice help

    hi guys need help on this question Year Y ($M) C ($m) 1 500 150 2 600 180 3 ? 240 What would be the equilibrium level of income in year 3 if consumption (C) in this economy increases by $240 M in year 3 and the MPC remains constant? a) $200m b)700m c)800 m d) 900 m the answer is C...
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    fiscal policy question

    hi guys have a question when the government borrows from the private sector to fund a budget deficit, do they sell commonwealth government securities to banks etc?? just like Monetary policy to influence the cash rate ...or?
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    trial PAPER 2

    does anyone have or remember the essay questions for module a/b/c for any trial test paper (2012), so we can practice... pm your questions and i will pm back mine
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    rankings question

    have a question.. say if your equal 4th for 2 unit maths will both guys get the same rank sent off to board of studies?? or does the guy with the slightly higher percentage get the 4th, and the other guy who has a lower percentage come 5th sent to B.O.S?? eg equal 4th is on 96% but person 1...
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    graph drawing programs

    hi guys anyone know any GOOD graph drawing programs for mac that is simple to install to use for essays?? thanks
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    creative question

    hi guys just a quick question got my creative marked, and teacher said it was pretty good. good storyline etc however she recommended it to be in 1st person. but i have alrdy written it in 3rd person and ceebs to change it back to first person ?? thoughts? and can you still get a high mark...
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    does anyone know how to draw the inverse j-curve graph ( exchange rates) and is it useful to draw in essays? thanks
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    ranking question

    Hi guys im just wondering if my rank will plummet after my recent test worth 25%?? my ranking in the half yearly report was 6/85 -92% i will probs get around =75% for this test....silly mistakes... so do you think my ranking will drop down a lot?? and can i still get my mark up in the 40%...
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    multiple choice help

    this is from 2011 hsc i need help on question 20 the answer is C do you use the negative externalities graph ( how private supply curve is lower than social supply curve) to figure it out or..??
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    hi can someone explain the multiplier effect and how any increase in aggregate demand will lead to an increase in GDP?
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    interest rates

    hi can someone explain why the reserve bank by purchasing securities will put pressure on the market to decrease interest rates? and also do you have to pay admin fees as a private company to apply to become public company?
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    business textbook question

    have business half yearlies coming up in 2 weeks time on marketing would it better just studying and doing questions off the business studies 'dot point' book?? because some of the content in those questions, we havnt even done at school??
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    inverse trig graphs

    i have a few questions for anyone who has time sketch y=sin^-1(1/1+x^2) y=sin(sin^-1 (x) ) - do the sin and inverse sin cancel out to become y=x??
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    parametric locus

    hi i have 2 problems for anyone who has time 1. Tangents to the parabola x^2=4ay drawn from points P(2ap,ap^2) and Q(2aq,aq^2) intersect at right angles at point R. Find the locus of a) point R b) The mid point of PQ 2.Find the equation of the locus of point R that is the intersection of the...
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    parametric equation help

    find the cartesian equation of the curve where the parametric equations are: x=cost2t y=cost (eliminate the 't' in other words)