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    Whos Smarter? Private or Public School in Legal?

    To conclude. The richest of whom is smarter or not determines on the following. 1.) Quality of students 2.) Quality of teachers 3.) Quality of resources
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    Free Sample Legal Essays

    Just in case anyone actually wanted to know the bands for those essays which I pre-prepared. All are band 5-6 essays, but just remember these essays are NOT suitable for all questions, it various and you may need to change a few wording to suit the question asked.
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    Free Sample Legal Essays

    LOL, yeah those copyright were inserted in for some reason. Just hope it actually helps those who are really struggling at preparing a proper essay. If anyone needs help preparing a proper essay, you can private message me, and pray I'm online to check it and reply back to you :)
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    Free Sample Legal Essays

    Hello everyone, I've decided to upload essays which were pre-prepared for the HSC 2003 by myself. As a student who is currently studying in University, I've decided to give everyone a fair chance of succeeding in the HSC, below are the links for 4 essays which is currently in operation on my...
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    ACU People

    B Arts and B Teaching. :p Very few guys I can tell you that!
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    ACU People

    To late now i guess
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    ACU People

    I'm one of them :o You wouldn't believe it, On the day of enrollement 90% of those enrolling in the course I was doing were females :D
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    Maybe you should take some time and ring up ACU and speak to one of their staffs about transfer, I'm sure it will be better than asking people around here, as not many who goes to ACU will check this forum out much ;)
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    LOL :D Thats funny hahahah
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    Problem: Why does number of Post Stay Same???

    oooooooooops, My mistake hehehe..... sorry I just thought there was a bug, cos I went back and saw 187 and 187 after making some post :rolleyes: Sooooooooooooooooo sorry, my mistake :D I forgot that both of them updates :p geez!
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    Whos Smarter? Private or Public School in Legal?

    Yep, No prefection in both systems I say :p
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    Problem: Why does number of Post Stay Same???

    Hey Lazarus, As the subject suggested, why are the number of post members posting staying the same? How come its not changing :( I don't want to stay a Member with 188 post forever, *sighzs*
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    How Important Are Ranks?

    That is true :D Of course thats the class, hahahah but isn't it true..... The lower your mark is the better off you are :p Well it encourages you to study harder :rolleyes:
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    How Important Are Ranks?

    Yep, Rank are way more important than the marks regardless the figure :p
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    pissed off about uai

    I guess they have disappeared :) Oh well hahahha
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    So who else is planning on going here?

    hahahhah true, the name does sound abit weird! But hey, what can you expect...its a nice, cosy and friendly university, i've been there like 2 times! And I think I'll be there for another 4 years or so :D
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    ACU Enrollments

    Nah, ACU starts on the 16th of Feb! I think I was at the enrollment thing on the 23rd of Jan :p
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    Attention all new macquarie students

    Don't complain please, I'm going to a University where I don't know ONE single person. But I guess it doesn't matter much as everyone will now be heading their own path towards the future! So get used to it, because you can't always be with your friends forever, they will enjoy a different...
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    Is it Possible To Get Paper Back?

    hahah its ok ^^ Been to lazy to purse to get back my paper back,
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    Greater union

    where is the link for it?