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    What is YOUR hardest and/or biggest content course

    Hardest: English Ext 2 (inspiration comes and goes, pretty annoying 7-7) Biggest: English 4U
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    How to think of idea?

    same lol I've even wrote on napkins several times.. Ideas are too precious to let them can't imagine how upset I get when I lose the idea/phrase I had 2 seconds before...
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    How to think of idea?

    That's a pretty useful thing to do, actually. Thoughts generally come to me when I'm travelling somewhere or having a shower (which is pretty annoying as I need to remember them till I get out the shower) lol. Oh, and pick several books/films of your interest to read. You always get ideas...
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    What have you sacrificed for the HSC this/next year.

    Why not? I'd still watch it when taking a break if I were you. Simpsons rocks! lol xD
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    09'ers, Does anyone else feel as though they have lost their perception of time

    Same, lol. And it feels like it was really "last year", and you go ahead with "I did yr 11 in 2008" before realising it's STILL 2008.
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    When does your holiday start?

    We're finishing this wednesday (03/12). I've just finished my eco exam (not assesment) =P
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    Free Laptop

    Isn't it better to actually hand-write your notes? It helps you to memorize better.
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    Favourite Cake???

    Cheesecake, Lemon pie and blackforest~
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    what's your fave ice-cream?

    Cookies n cream r the best! =3 And mint choc chips of course~
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    Whats your major?

    Degree in Interpreting and Translation for English - Spanish and English - Chinese (mandarin)...NAATI certificates..those will take me several years I guess..=/
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    Interpreting&Translation, what's the best uni to do that?

    I think the only ones that have the course are ANU and UWS, and the last one seems to have better reputation(in this particular couse) than ANU. So I'm sticking with it I hope =). Thank you guys!:)
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    Your favoutire exam conditions

    Me too! And it's more annoying when they even start chatting! Perfect exams conditions for me: small room with few students, like when you have daily class tests (I just freak out when they put me into a wide hall with all people in there and you hear nothing but the sound of papers...which...
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    Interpreting&Translation, what's the best uni to do that?

    Hey guys, I'm interested in doing an undergraduate in Interpreting and Translation next year, but I'm not sure where to do the course. I've heard that UWS offered the course (B of Arts - Interpreting and Translation), for English - Spanish and English - Chinese(Mandarin), but it seems to be...