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    Free Sample Legal Essays

    Hello everyone, I've decided to upload essays which were pre-prepared for the HSC 2003 by myself. As a student who is currently studying in University, I've decided to give everyone a fair chance of succeeding in the HSC, below are the links for 4 essays which is currently in operation on my...
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    Problem: Why does number of Post Stay Same???

    Hey Lazarus, As the subject suggested, why are the number of post members posting staying the same? How come its not changing :( I don't want to stay a Member with 188 post forever, *sighzs*
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    Is it Possible To Get Paper Back?

    Just wondering right, Is it actually possible to request your original HSC exam paper back from the BoardofStudies? Or it isn't possible at all?
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    Multiple Choice Questions

    Here we go, but trust me some of them sound really weird and there could be 2 correct answers to it :( 1. a 2. d 3. c 4. d??? 5. c 6. b 7. b 8. a 9. d 10. b 11. d??? 12. d 13. a 14. b 15. c Debates, argument feel free to do so!!
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    Anyone doing Business Service or am I the only person :(
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    Simple Question

    I want to become a teacher, not just any teacher! I want to become a trained teacher who teaches technology such as Information Process Technology, Information Technology, Computer Studies and Commerce! I'm just wondering, I want to get into University of Technology, I'm just wondering...
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    Am I Too Obsess With IPT?

    For my trials today, would you believe how many pages I did total? I did a record of...........6 Pages for Transaction Process System, and 3 Pages for Multi-media........... I also had to attach one piece of paper for the the short-responses cos there wasn't anymore room for me to write...
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    UAI Prediction Again For A Friend?

    Hello everyone :) Do you think its possible for someone to estimate my friends possible UAI mark? 1.) 4 Unit Maths Mark 55% Rank 3rd out of 5 2.) 3 Unit Maths Marks 75% Ranked 3rd out of 15 3.) 2 Unit Economic Mark 90% Ranked 2nd out of 15 4.) 2 Unit Standard English Mark...
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    Please Guess My UAI Mark AGAIN

    heheh, I know, I asked this last time. But here we go again ^^ Information Process Technology Ranked 1st >>89 Legal Studies Ranked 1st Economic Ranked 4 Business Services Ranked 1st English Ranked 10th :mad: Is it possible to gain +80% UAI?
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    New Homepage For HSC 2004 Subjects :)

    I won't have time finishing off the site :P It should be filled with all my notes once my HSC is over :rolleyes: Just to prevent other people gaining access to my work and using it for the HSC :D hehehhe, none of the links work at this stage, besides a couple :) Use the...
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    The Location of UWS?

    So where is this University located at? Just curious too know :D I know, its abit far away :p
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    How To Write Prefect Legal Essays

    Like the subject suggested :p Anyone with good suggestions?
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    Whos Smarter? Private or Public School in Legal?

    Cast your vote, believe it or not..... I see more private school student doing legal then public... And they look heck way more smarter den the public ones :(
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    Where is Macquarie University?

    I'm just wondering if anyone can tell me where Macquarie University is located :o I was thinking of getting in there, but i heard you have to catch a train, then change for a bus........ Is that true? :( I'm willing to go there because to get in there the marks are abit lower then...
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    UAISeeker? Is it accurary?

    Honestly, is the data presented reliable? Is there any errors betwen 4-5%? I'm really curious to know ;) If it isn't wrong, then i shall be able to get between 90 - 92 UAI :) Of course i'm not replying on this :p I just hope the prediction is accurary :D
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    UAI prediction

    How can you predict your UAI mark? Heres the subject I'm doing :o Standard English >>>75-85% Legal Studies >>>75%-85% Economies >>>85%-95% IPT >>>90%-95% Business Services >>>90%-99% Someone please help me ;)
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    Higest Mark For IPT?

    What was the highest mark for 2002 HSC for IPT?
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    Frustrated! With Change Of Teachers!

    This is really frustrating when you have 3 different teachers when your doing the HSC!!! It's crazy, the first teacher i had was CRAP, he didn't give any notes, only talked 80% of the times! The second teacher was the coolest :rolleyes: He made me come from last to top :o Now his gone...