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    Case Assignment

    Yeah baby WOO - 1:07am on Wednesday and I'm done. Didn't expect to get such a good night's sleep :)
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    I'm in my first semester of Science/Law at the moment. It shats me!! Science was a big mistake. Does anyone have info on what a transfer to Arts/Law would involve... Can I do it mid-year? What sort of credit would I get from my current chemistry/physics/maths, and how would I go about...
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    Law Camp - Urgent

    OK seriously is there anything we need to bring...I heard a Hawaiian shirt....any other quirky stuff like that? Cheers.
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    has anyone else figured out their timetable and discovered its INTENSE. like i've got 26 hours of lectures/seminars/pracs. seems a bit of overkill considering i thought most of uni was done on your own.
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    nanotech at usyd

    hey guys anyone doing a science degree planning to major in nanoscience and tech in their 3rd year? if so what sort of subjects did you enrol in? are you doing a normal or advanced Bsc?
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    How is this possible?

    A friend of mine did his HSC in 2002 and got 96.30. His preferences went: 1. law at sydney 2. law at unsw 3. law at macquarie ... ... 6. arts at sydney he qualified for number 3 (from 2002 AND 2003 cutoffs), and that's what he was aiming for, but got offered number 6 (arts). how is...
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    combined law at sydney

    who hopes to do it.... who WILL be doing it....
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    raw marks

    What are we all hoping for?