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    help in maths 1013

    hey i was wonderin if someone could help me in this question; A colony of birds increases by 10% each year from birth and death processes, and by 20 birds a year by immigration. Initially there were 40 birds. How many are there after 5 years? Thanx
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    past papers?

    answers? ok.. so where do u get the answers for them..?
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    past papers?

    how can we get past papers for ecmt 1010? where do we get them from??
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    oh man.. i knewwwww the questions.. but i couldnt revise in the mornin cosi drove to uni.. and was stuck in the traffic cos of the torch relay.. so i couldnt revise.. :( oh well..
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    need help with the quiz on 2morrow.. u know.. ecmt1010.. quiz 2.. surely gonna flunk.. cant do questions 4 onwards... :( :( plzzzzzzzzzz help
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    quiz questions :(

    hey i was jus goin through the quiz questions and im totally thrown off cos these questions r NOTHING like the questions we went through in the workshops... theyre like a million times harder... :( can anyone plzzzzz help me with the first question at least plzzzzzzzzz 1. Given S Xi = 20...
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    arts faculty workshop

    hey yepzzzzzzz im goin.. and lol.. i hav nothing betta to do either.. i was jus speakin to a friend and she mentioned somethin about a suprise? any ideaS?
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    faculty welcome

    hey whens this on? and can i come? im doin combined arts/commerce?
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    Help plz - unikey/login

    LOL hahahahhaaha very embaressing.. loll i think ill go hide under a rock now.. byez
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    Help plz - unikey/login

    ermmm ok well my password wont seem to change it keeps sayin i need to have a dictionary based password... and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh iv thought up every word in the damn dictionary.. is it jus me???
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    question about transferring

    hey, im gon do arts/commerce combined, but the thing is, iv always jus wanted to do psychology. ( i got accepted into ma second preferenc which was arts/commerce, psychology was ma first) so to the point. i wanna try and transfer to psychology by gettin a credit or distinction average (im...
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    Arts/Comm - degree composition in first year ..

    heyyy hey im doin com/arts tooooo gawd im so nervous.. :O enrolments next tuesday.. see u all there :) byez
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    thanxxxx ;) thank u sooo much.. im too stupid to know this''
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    hai im goin to be on holidays on saturday.. and imgoin to be gone for a weekand a half. how can i accept my enrolment if i aint even here to get ma letter. :O plz help
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    rechecking marks

    well// im askin cos im scared i mite get lower marx then b4.. dont need to get all edgy.. gawd.....
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    rechecking marks

    err? *ok havin a blonde moment* am i supposed to send it or not?
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    rechecking marks

    aww.. :( goddamit...
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    rechecking marks

    hey i jus wanna ask yr advice on something i got 91.8 in ma uai. im very happy wit that but in me anglish extension 1 exam i got 31/50. which is very bad cos iv been goin good all year the lowest ig ot all year was like 32/50 and it onoly happned ONCE so im thinkin shud i send an...
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    Most violent death sequence in a movie ...

    the scariest EVA the scariest and most disgusting eva would be final destination 2// seriously u people havvvvvvvvv to see it... at one point i got so scared when one of the characters were dyin to the remote flipped out of ma hand.. right across the room.. :o
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    what is the top mark for each subject

    mathematics? hai what was the top mark for 2 unit maths advanced???