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    Here? Other than that, no.
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    Possible to balance work & uni?

    In that case, you shouldn't worry because lectures are not compulsory and will be uploaded online as already mentioned above.
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    Possible to balance work & uni?

    You must also consider other classes such as practicals which often go for 3 hours and are compulsory, since part of your double degree is Medical Science. At UTS, practicals are either in the morning, afternoon, or evening, and since you'll be working from 8 to 6 you will be forced choose the...
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    WAM Boosters?

    No, you won't be disadvantaging yourself since there's a reason why they offer you the chance to choose an elective of your choice, it's for you to decide what you want to do (to either expand your current knowledge or broaden your expertise in other areas). With that said, you could still find...
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    WAM Boosters?

    After your first year you have the option of choosing subjects known as "electives" which could be any subject of your choice (some times you may need approval by your faculty if the subject is not under the umbrella of Engineering e.g. Languages or Biomedical Sciences). WAM boosters are...
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    Summer Classes

    Yes, of course.
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    Peer Mentoring UNSW

    It's definitely not a waste of time. There's so many benefits from becoming a peer mentor including development of your own personal skills, networking, easily obtaining recommendations, and you get to mention it on your resume/CV which looks good in the employer's eyes. It's always a good...
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    UTS MRS Test

    It's a simplified 2U maths test.
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    UTS online lectures

    Yes. It's a way of easing the transition for first year students.
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    UTS online lectures

    So usually in your first year they record lectures and upload them online. However, in the later years they stop doing that so students can actually attend lectures rather than skip lectures and only watch them from home.
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    School Recommendation Scheme

    Here's a list of all universities eligible for SRS:
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    Officeworks interview

    It's a group interview of many people which goes a little like this: - Introduction: Pair up with the person next to you and introduce yourself to them for the next 2-4 mins. They will then ask each individual person to tell the rest of the group about the person they just spoke with. Tip: you...
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    How do HSC markers bother reading messy responses and still give band 5/6?

    Yes lol I don't know how this can get any messier.
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    How do HSC markers bother reading messy responses and still give band 5/6?

    I've noticed a common trend in the samples responses for English questions and it's that band 5/6 responses are almost always messy and the lower bands have much more tidier and readable writing. Why? What do you think? Here's an example: Band 5/6 response:
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    Moving for uni?

    If you move you're gonna need some work on the side unless your parents are paying for you.
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    How much does studying actually impact on your results?

    It depends on the person. If person 1 already remembers all the information that they listened to in class, then they don't need to study. But if they don't remember what they learnt in class, then they do need to study otherwise their grades would go down. Just out of curiosity, are you...
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    Sports Med wtf

    Since it was about return to play policies, i decided to also include Indicators of readiness, Monitoring progress, Psychological readiness, Specific warm up and cool down and also Return to play policies of different sports such as boxing
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    How'd everyone find the multiple choice section?

    To be honest, some were kind of hard like the graph representing the 3 energy systems, or the alternative medicine approach question.
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    Sports Med wtf

    You could talk about how athletes feel pressured to participate, as they feel they're letting their fans/family down. You also talk about the use of painkillers as they want to mask the pain of injury and want to return to play immediately.
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    HSC Ancient History Exam Thoughts

    Any questions people want to discuss in particular?