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  1. pony_magician

    The missing Malaysian Airlines...

    >using the mirror as a source >ever
  2. pony_magician

    What happened???

    you shouldn't have spent so much time focussing on the voice acting
  3. pony_magician

    What happened???

    was haya the one who had the daily journal logging his journey to 99.95 or was that another autist
  4. pony_magician

    What happened???

    thank you bos
  5. pony_magician

    What happened???

    hahahahahah fucking hell i've never felt so gratified than right now, reading this thread
  6. pony_magician

    How did you find your job?

    >what is the interview process
  7. pony_magician

    How did you find your job?

    yeah mate i don't know where you got that from, but there's a reason large stores created the online application process in the first place
  8. pony_magician

    Games Design

    >design if you want even a chance at getting a job in the gaming industry anywhere you need to specialise in something like animation, music, coding, writing, something specific most smaller companies, everyone does the design element hahahah and as if you would get a job at a larger company
  9. pony_magician

    Who is Australia's greatest Prime Minister over the past thirty years?

    yeah god forbid an MP does what is best for their electorate
  10. pony_magician

    Movies where you cry

    old boy
  11. pony_magician

    Rudd-Gillard Labor Government: What went wrong?

    you're straight from an election scare campaign arent you
  12. pony_magician

    Bradley Manning sentenced to 35 years in jail

    yes, pls respect peoples choices :party: :music:
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    So what are you guys playing at the moment?

    animal crossing: new leaf forever and always
  15. pony_magician

    Xbox One vs. PS4

    that game looks like one giant quick time event
  16. pony_magician

    Xbox One vs. PS4

    he's anti-havingthesameopinionasthemasses
  17. pony_magician

    Xbox One vs. PS4

    sorry i wanted the animal crossing patterned 3DS as it looke much nicer than the regular ones. get your facts straight.
  18. pony_magician

    Xbox One vs. PS4

    nah but let's be real DRM or no DRM anyone who preorderd them are achy mucks because of such an array of atrocious launch titles i'll see you all in 2015 when the real games are released