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  1. gurmies

    Econ1101 textbook for sale, mint condition

    Up for sale is my ECON1101 textbook (Principles of Microeconomics 2E) for $65. Price is negotiable (if you think this is undervalued, feel free to bid up). Thanks guys.
  2. gurmies

    ATAR Estimate Please

    Got my final rankings today, Sydney Techical High School (ranked 33rd 2008) English Advanced - =13/119 Economics - =9/73 Chemistry - =5/60 Legal Studies - 2/19 Mathematics Extension 1 - 5/97 Mathematics Extension 2 - 5/51 Much appreciated guys =]
  3. gurmies

    Another actuarial query =/

    Hey guys, i'm sure you're getting sick of the influx of actuary wannabe threads so i'll stick to the point. I want to do actuarial studies, and whilst I hear it's taught infinitely better at Macquarie and ANU, I have been travelling long distances for the many years of high school and would...
  4. gurmies

    New Estimate

    Well, after the last round of assessments my ranks have somewhat changed. I just hope I can still get an ATAR of 99.00+. School is ranked 33rd. English - 27/119 [dropped from 12] MX1 ~ 10/102 [dropped from 3] MX2 - 4/51 [improved from 5] Chemistry - 1/65 [improved from 2]...
  5. gurmies

    UAI Estimate :S

    School was 33rd last year (Sydney Tech) English Adv - 12/119 Maths Extension 1 - 3/101 Maths Extension 2 - 5/51 Economics - 12/75 Legal Studies - 3/19 Chemistry - 2/65 Note: If all goes well, MX2 and Economics should improve significantly.
  6. gurmies

    Extension II Mathematics Game

    Hey guys, just thought that the Extension II section is usually a tad empty, and with upcomming assessments, I thought it would be a good idea to reincarnate this thread/game. At this point i'd assume the majority of questions will be targeting complex numbers/polynomials/conics but feel free...
  7. gurmies

    Tricky Geometry Help!

    Hey guys, this question isn't exactly Extension II maths, but I coudn't find a better place to put it, since i'm quite sure it's not 2 or 3 unit maths either. I have been stuck on this question for almost a week now... An isosceles triangle ABC is drawn, with AB = AC, with the vertex angle...
  8. gurmies

    The Time Limit

    Hey guys, i'm in year 12 now (09er) and was scrolling through some of these threads, and I notice that a lot of people say that the time limit jeopardises their possible good marks. Is the time limit really that hard to keep to? I have never had a problem with time limit for 2 and 3 Unit maths...
  9. gurmies

    Legal Studies Preliminary Assessment HELP!

    Hey guys, just wondering if you could help me with this assessment, as it's really getting on my nerves. In the previous one I got 100% and I'd like to maintain that similar trend =) The question is as follows: Negotiate a group presentation on the topic : "Evaluate the effectiveness of the...