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    MedSci 09

    So who's going to be in first year MedSci this year? :)
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    Question on second round offers

    Hi! Asking for a friend. If you've accepted your first round offer, should you enrol into the uni/course even though you are still waiting for a second round offer? If you do get the second round offer you want, and you accept it, will you be automatically removed from the first round course...
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    Weird course choices

    Anyone choose a course that seems (stupidly) weird when you look at the subjects you completed in 08? I'm doing Med Sci. I dunno, I just decided I don't wanna study commerce, law or any of that shit. Bridging courses ooooookay. :/
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    watching dane cook atm: link good standup :)
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    Text type responses!!

    Search doesn't seem to be working... is there a thread/site or something that details the conventions of the common text types? Reports, feature articles, etc. I had detailed notes but can't find my frkn eng book... :'(
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    leunig in the aos

    yes or no? i used leunig and heart of darkness in my trials and scored 15/15... but i'm worried about using it in the hsc. i have 2 backups i can use but i feel i can use leunig very well :( so, is your essay instantly pulled out of the highest range if you use a leunig? >:X
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    Sleeping pattern

    I don't know if there's another thread on this, just skimmed quickly (sorry!). So yeah, whose sleeping pattern is majorly fucked like mine? 5am sleep, 3pm wake up :( Best way to fix it before Friday (if not Friday then by next Monday)? DRUGS? Good luck etc. :)
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    UNSW med interviews

    hi all, most of the interviews are over now so... could people post up questions that they've been asked/know have been asked? what was the structure of the interview like? tytyty!
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    advanced english 3/50 extension english 1/8 modern history 5/45 ancient history 3/30 extension history 2/4 2u maths 26/87 school is ranked in the bottom end of the top 100. also, for what it's worth, our year is fairly strong. firstly, what am i looking at atm? secondly, with the little...
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    personality: Xerxes 07 HSC questions

    what were they? tried bos but the file keeps messing up, probably because i'm capped @_@ thanks~
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    exp volume q

    The region under the graph y = (1/2)[e^x + e^-x] and between the lines x=-2 and x=2 is rotated aroudn the x-axis. Find the volume of the solid of revolution formed. ZZzzz... trying to learn exp stuff from the text book because I missed class... I tried a number of methods and can't get the...
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    Time payment question

    A loan of $6000 over 5 years at 15% p.a. interest, charged monthly, is paid back in 5 yearly instalments. How much is each instalment, and how much money is paid altogether? $1835.68, $9178.40 Where have I made a mistake? T_T
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    sum of something q

    Find the sum of the first 10 terms of the series 3 + 7 + 13 + ... + [(2^n)+(2n-1)]+... I was able to find the answer (2146) by finding a to t10 using Tn=[(2^n)+(2n-1)], as there's no common ratio or difference to use the formulas, but what if it asked for the first 100 terms, and it was in an...
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    Speer hsc q

    (b) ‘Events shape people more than people shape events.’ How accurate is this statement in relation to the personality you have studied? how would you answer that v__v
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    Scalings in half yearlies

    The top 10 in Adv. Eng have had their marks scaled up by 10-15%. They did this last year, for the top 5, but that was at the end of the year so that students could qualify for academic excellence- or something of the sort- certificates as the exams were pretty difficult throughout the year, the...
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    Wasn't sure where to post this.... having a conversation with a friend about degrees/where they can lead, I remember my year adviser talking about some site that gives you infomation about what jobs certain degrees can lead to and first year pay, highest level pay etc. Any ideas?
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    Employment after uni in relation to which uni you went to

    Hi, recently I've decided I want to do a combined law degree at MQ (there's no way I'm going to score a UAI higher than 96) but people've told me that, especially for law, a great majority of the people who get jobs after uni go to Syd uni. I think this is a huge exaggeration, but I'm a bit...
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    germany speech Q help

    hi this is my speech q, need some guidance: "assess the effectiveness of the nazi party in creating change in german society in the period 1933-1939." i kinda have a brief idea as to what to talk about, but if anyone can throw some points up i'd greatly appreciate it. ta
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    Viva voce

    My half yearly is one. I've never had one before and my teacher's explanation of what it can ask was pretty vague. Obviously it's going to be drawing on our knowledge of context, ideas, techniques and values, but I'm not sure how. It's 5 minutes and we have a selection of poems and a novella...
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    help with integration q pls D:

    Find the area of the region between the graphs of y=2x-x^(2) and 3y=x^(2) - 4x +6 Wasted like an hour on it >.< I found the pts of intersection as 1, 3/2 but when i try integrate something goes wrong :S answer is 1/36 sq. units ta! <3