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  1. pony_magician

    Elementary school shooting in Conneticut A lot unconfirmed RE: shooter and chronology, but at least 27 people, including 18 5-10 year olds dead.
  2. pony_magician

    Recommend me a laptop/tablet that....

    -is preferably < €250 but can get pay a month -early and possibly go up to €400 -works!! -not fussed on gaming or w/e but a good storage for movies (only if computer) -user friendly this will be a short term investment, only a temporary replacement for my old macbook until i have a job and...
  3. pony_magician

    toddlers and tiaras

    my favourite is eden wood how about you?
  4. pony_magician

    very important smiley query

    what is the difference between :angryfire: as in :angryfire: and :evilfire: as in :evilfire: :evilfire: :angryfire:
  5. pony_magician

    quick question

    hey nerds when does uac for 2013 open? :spin: :spin: :spin: :spin: :jump::jump::jump::jump::jump::jump::jump::jump::jump::jump::jump::jump::jump::party::party::party::party::party::party::party::party::party::party::party::spam: i have to reapply for uni and i don't want to forget rep 4...
  6. pony_magician

    asking for jobs.

    If a franchise has a list of positions available online, is that, like, 100% the only position available or is it still worthwhile to go into a different store in person and if positions are available? If so, how do I ask for a job? Obviously, you ask to see the manager, but what then? Just...
  7. pony_magician

    Should I buy a PS3 or an Xbox?

    i bought an xbox Okay, I've been savin up and since I finish the HSC tomorrow, I'm going to buy a PS3/Xbox. I have $600 to spend on it + games. I dunno. Xbox has Halo, PS3 has free online. Pros/cons of each one? Your personal preference? Also, what is a good hard-drive size...
  8. pony_magician

    atar help/estimate !!

    Okay, with less than two weeks to go, how dramatically do I need to improve in my subjects, specifically maths, to get an 85+? What sort of raw mark is a good average in maths lol Stuff;; Maths - 8/11 final mark of 45% :awesome: Business - 1/6 final mark of 87.5% Economics - 3/4 final mark of...
  9. pony_magician

    ATAR estimate

    Maths -- 7/12 (~55%) Economics -- 3/4 (~75%) Business -- 1/6 (~85%) Modern -- 5/9 (~75%) English -- 14/24 (~60%) I need an 85 for the course I am hoping for or should I just give up and go to SCU?
  10. pony_magician

    75+ atar

    How easy is this? Can I totally bomb out in maths if I want, as long as I keep all my other subjects above 85?
  11. pony_magician

    N Awards

    I'm fairly certain I'm getting one for my English mid-year. What's the deal? Do I automatically fail my HSC now orrr...?