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Dec 20, 2019
Hi all, my name is Naveen and i'm the 2019 Dux of Penrith High achieving an atar of 99.80. Throughout my HSC, I was consistently rank 1 for 2u and 3u maths in year 11, and 3u and 4u maths for year 12 internally.

My Philosophy:
HSC math, and the HSC in general, test a very specific set of skills required for further tertiary study as well as for employment. I found that intelligence and natural ability play a very minor role in achieving a good mark, but rather a consistent study and hard work is the key to success. Thus no matter what level of math you are currently at, with the right information and tutor+structured study, it is possible for ANYONE to achieve a high mark in HSC Math.
What I Offer:
With a new math syllabus, resources and past papers will be scarce. I offer RELEVANT past papers as well as worksheets and textbooks, to ensure all the work you are doing is not a waste of time, and actually examinable. I also offer key exam skills required for a Band 6 and common mistakes during a student's HSC.
1 on 1 tutoring at a low price of $30/hr for year 11 and $40/hr for year 12 online
Location: Fully Online as of now
Blacktown Library/Parramatta Library (reasonably close locations can be arranged for an extra cost to accommodate for travel).
Email me at naveen.manivasagan@gmail.com for any further queries.
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