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Dec 20, 2019
Hi all, my name is Naveen and i'm the 2019 Dux of Penrith High achieving an atar of 99.80, and am currently studying medicine at UNSW.

My Philosophy:
HSC in general tests a very specific set of skills required for further tertiary study as well as for employment. I found that intelligence and natural ability play a very minor role in achieving a good mark, but rather a consistent study and hard work is the key to success. Thus no matter what level you are currently at, with the right information and tutor+structured study, it is possible for ANYONE to achieve a high mark in the HSC.
What I Offer:
With a new math/phys syllabus most resources and past papers are no longer relevant. I offer RELEVANT past papers as well as worksheets and textbooks, to ensure all the work you are doing is not a waste of time, and actually examinable. I also offer key exam skills required for a Band 6 and common mistakes during a student's HSC.
We go through:
-Theory which they don't teach you at school, to ensure you get a good grasp on concepts to answer band 6 questions
-Study timetable/homework-To ensure you efficiently and effectively study and make use of your already limited time
-Past Paper Practice- To hone your exam technique which itself is a skill that must be mastered
-24/7 Questions service through whatsapp or any messenger you prefer so you never have an unanswered question.
Past Students Results
I have tutored a variety of students from a variety of schools
- Almost every student I've had has gain a substantial amount of school ranks. (Of course there were few who didn't improve which is expected) One student was ranked 96th in 2U maths and jumped to rank 6 in a matter of 6months (two exams).
-Raw marks increasing up to 40% with an average of 22.3% increase (averaged all my students marks).
Maths 3u/4u year 11/12 (prefered 2hrs lessons)
Physics Year 11/12 (1-2hour lessons)
Online tutoring
Blacktown Library/Parramatta Library or at home tutoring (locations that are far from Blacktown can be arranged for an extra cost to accommodate for travel).

Email me at naveen.manivasagan@gmail.com or contact my phone 0420620647 for any further queries Thank You.
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