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Oct 18, 2019
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I do have one availability left is anyone is interested!

Hello everyone,

I am a Sydney Boys graduate of class 2020 with an ATAR of 99.75 and am a 1st year medical student at the University of New South Wales. With my experience teaching a range of students from all capabilities and ages, I am confident I can work with any student and help them achieve their goals. Having been part of a competitive environment, where boundaries were exceeded with lots of work and dedication, I will be able to help my students and provide them with that extra support with the things I have learnt in my final years at school.

Preliminary HSC and HSC Tutoring

I am offering online tutoring in Preliminary and HSC Chemistry (ranked 5th in SBHS with a HSC Mark of 94), Preliminary and HSC Advanced, Extension 1 and 2 (99 in Ext 1 Externally as well as a 95 in Ext 2) and English Advanced (received an external HSC mark of 96 for English Advanced). Maths and English for years 7, 8, 9 and 10 is also available if anyone is interested!

Being a 2020 HSC graduate, I have experienced the new syllabus for all of my subjects and will make sure you are more well equipped to the new introductions for each subject!

An attachment of my marks is shown below.

Where is it?

All lessons will be held online on any platform that is suited for you, e.g. zoom, skype, etc.

Lesson times and hours will be flexible and can easily be negotiated.

How much is it?

I charge a rate of $60 an hour and $70 for English (Year 11 and 12).

Other discounts available include:
  • If you choose to study more than one subject with me, it will be $50 per hour for each lesson!
  • If you choose to book 2-hour lessons, it will be $100 for the lesson.

What is offered?

There are two types of lessons that I will be opening for now:
1. Lessons can be personally catered for you to optimise your results, where you can bring your own homework and resources where we will go through the work at your own pace and level. Extra resources such as additional textbooks or past papers will be provided by me if required. This option will help those wanting to go at their own speed as well as following the order of topics set out by their schools. You will also receive personalised support during the week outside of lessons, whenever you have additional questions or clarifications! This option is available for all subjects that I am offering tutoring for.
2. There is another option available where we can run standardised classes for Mathematics Advanced and Extension 1. A specific course outline is provided, and we will go through different topics, highlighting important points and lessons each week, while also having weekly homework booklets and exercises and quizzes, as well as topic examinations and final examinations to track your progress. These sessions will run for 2 hours.

A sample of the materials for option 2 is provided in the attachments as well.

For English Advanced, the texts that I have completed are:
Common Module: 1984 - George Orwell
Module A: The Complete Poems/ Bright Star - Keats and Campion
Module B: King Henry IV Part I - William Shakespeare

Since English is dependent on the texts your school completes, if your school is studying any of these texts, I am confident that I have extensive knowledge and understanding to help you form a greater understanding of the text, as well as supporting you through the process of crafting your arguments and essays for your assessments and exams. Otherwise, if you do not study these texts, I can also either provide extensive feedback for your essays and creative pieces or help you ace short answer responses for your Trial and HSC exams (I received 20/20 in my Trial and my actual HSC for the short answer responses!). For only $60 an hour and constant, extensive feedback during the week, I believe that I will help you reach your goals in English!

Medical + Dental Interviews Training

I have received a UCAT score of 3080 in 2021 (95th Percentile) a medical admissions test required for undergraduate medicine around Australia. This landed me multiple interviews offers around Australia. I will also be a 1st year medical student at the University of New South Wales and have also received five other offers for medical and dental courses around Australia, namely the Joint Medical Program, University of Sydney (Dentistry), Adelaide University (Dentistry), the University of Queensland (Provisional Medicine) and the University of Western Australia (Medicine).

If you have received your UCAT results already, it's never too early to start interview prep. With six medical/dental offers and completing interviews from all around Australia, I will help bring out the best in you so you will go into your desired university.

How much is it?

At a rate of $90 an hour, it is cheaper than the vast majority of private coaching for medical/dental interviews.

What will it cover?

Different lessons will be offered depending on what you desire!

1. An introductory series of lessons (2 or 3) where you learn about the medical/dental interview processes, what you will be expected to do and how you can get in. You will also be able to tell me a bit about your story, and we will build more of a profile for you during these lessons, so you will know more about yourself and how to paint yourself in the best possible way during the interviews!
2. Specific university sessions - we will go through common questions asked within different universities, all while developing your own story and motivations to present yourself in the best way possible! We will steer clear of a memorising approach and ensure that you are able to answer a range of questions under pressured environments in an honest and sincere manner.
3. Mock Interview Sessions - We will have go through a mock interview session and detailed personalised feedback will be provided. You will know where we went well, where you need to improve, any other pitfalls that many students encounter during interviews. It will give you the best opportunity to see where you are at with your performance!

Feel free to ask me any concerns or further questions!

Email: minh.nguyenSBHS2020@gmail.com
Phone Number: 0416385889

My HSC results were:
English Advanced: 95 (96 externals)
Chemistry: 94
Mathematics Extension 1: 98 (99 externals)
Mathematics Extension 2: 95
Mathematics Advanced: 97
Business Studies: 94


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Jan 15, 2021
Bump! Minh has been my maths tutor for a while now and he’s honestly one of the most dedicated tutors I’ve seen. He always comes very prepared and the homework and quizzes he provides are very helpful to consolidate and expand your knowledge, plus his rate is way more affordable than most tutors so I highly recommend his tutoring to everyone!
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