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99.80 | TUTORING 2u/3u/4u Maths & Music 2/Extension (1 Viewer)


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Jan 24, 2017
Hello everyone!

My name is Aaron, and I am excited to offer my tutoring for Mathematics Advanced (2 unit), Extension 1 (3 unit) and Extension 2 (4 unit), as well as Music for HSC.

I completed the HSC last year and received an ATAR of 99.80

My results are:

  • Dux of the school
  • Mathematics Extension 1 – 98/100
  • Mathematics Extension 2 – 94/100
  • Music 2 – 97/100
  • Music Extension – 49/50
  • Physics – 92/100
  • English Advanced – 94/100
  • Ranked first in the school for Mathematics Extension 1 & 2, Music 2, Music Extension, Physics, and ranked second in English Advanced.

For proof, please contact me as below.

Throughout all of year 11 and 12, I always had a feeling of joy when I said anything that would help a fellow classmate with their studies, and so this is why I am offering my tutoring services.


Mathematics – especially 4 unit – truly rewards students who do not rote learn, but rather have creativity in their methods to reach the final answer. Whenever I worked through problems with my classmates and friends, I would always question them: “Is this the only way to solve it? What about if you approached the problem from this angle?”

These sorts of questions are really what sparked a certain excitement when it came to study for exams and put me in good stead to achieve the results that I did, as it provided adaptability to difficult exam questions. This is also why my tutoring style is not to simply tell the student how to solve a problem, and instead guide the student in mastering how to figure out how to approach solving the problem.

Music 2 and Extension:

In 2017 (year 11), I received a distinction in my Licentiate Diploma for Music in Saxophone (LMusA) and was also nominated for encore in both performance and composition in HSC.

During year 12, I spent countless hours planning, experimenting, reflecting, and revising my composition in order to perfect it, so I am well versed in the process of music composition. However, it is also important to understand what the markers truly look for, and what gains the most marks as quickly as possible, and so I will be able to share specific techniques that reshape the composition accordingly. In addition, I can provide my extensive resources on the aural section of the paper, including very specific notes on the exam question that will help tremendously.

My rates:

I am offering tutoring for Mathematics and Music for $50 per hour, or, as an alternative, for $35 per person for classes of two.

Where the tutoring will be located:

Currently, I am only tutoring in the Eastern Suburbs, and can either drive to your house (for a surcharge of $5) or meet at UNSW library.


Email: ellis-bloor.aaron@outlook.com
Phone: 0416584403
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