Mar 20, 2017
Hey All,

I just completed my HSC, receiving the following marks:
94 - English Advanced
98 - Mathematics
98 - Legal Studies (11th in NSW)
95 - Business Studies
95 - Information Processes and Technology
99 - Studies of Religion II (1st in NSW)

And achieved an ATAR of 99.85. (Proof attached)

Coming fresh from completing the HSC in 2019, I am able to entirely fathom the burden and angst coupled with aiming to achieve excellence in the HSC; especially with the introduction of new syllabuses. In saying this, now is the perfect time to develop a head-start over classmates and to begin building your resources in preparation for the new year!
In correlation, I will be selling my resources with an aim of aiding you lot as you complete the final stretch of your school journey.
Currently, I am selling resources for English, with SOR and Legal Studies resources to come later on. (Keep an eye out for those if interested)
Resources for English include:
  • Common Module Generic Essay - The Crucible by Arthur Miller.
  • Common Module- Act-by-act analysis of The Crucible in line with Rubric statements. These notes are extremely extensive and provided the basis for my essay.
  • Module A Generic Essay- King Richard III by Shakespeare and Looking for Richard by Al Pacino
  • Module B Generic Essay- Emma by Jane Austen
  • Module C Creative and Reflection - Love and Honour and Pride and Pity and Compassion and Sacrifice by Nam Le.
* The creative story I used itself is not based on the prescribed text and is generic in nature. Its appeal lies in its exploration of social issues such as gender expectations permeating extant society. However, the reflection is what involves me comparing my creative choices with Nam Le's.
Given the new syllabus has been in operation for only a minute period of time, I completely under the stress associated with a scarcity of resource availability. NESA's requirements in this syllabus are tricky to master, however, earning an internal mark of 96 and a HSC mark of 94, I can provide assurance that I was able to do so effectively.
These responses were consistently refined during the year by myself and my teacher (a HSC marker) and offer extremely detailed and distinct analyses. They are well-structured and offer critical insights on how composers have developed intricate and complex texts which are rich with integrity and hence appeal to audiences, time immemorial. In addition, they are broad enough to be applied to any question NESA may ask, as evident by my ability to achieve a 94 mark using solely these responses in the HSC exam - even despite NESA's curve-ball questions!
While you may draw inspiration from my analysis, be aware that NESA does recognise cases of plagiarism. Therefore, I would recommend that my resources are used as a sample in devising your own essays and are not duplicated by students in exams.
Pricing is as follows:
  • Common Module Essay for $15
  • Common Module Analysis for $20
  • Module A Essay for $12
  • Module B Essay for $15
  • Module C Creative for $15, Reflection for $12 or $25 for both
Discounts may apply if you purchase more than one resource.
In addition, I am offering a service in which I critique and analyse your essay (or creative), offering extensive feedback on how to improve and achieve a Band 6 for the subject, in correspondence with NESA's standards. This will be for $25 per essay. It will include line-by-line annotation of your work, pieces of my own analysis (if it is a text I have studied) and a lengthy discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of the response, as well as the steps needed to make it Band 6 quality.

Feel free to ask for a sample or clarify any questions you may have! Email me at abdulrahmanbhatti02@gmail.com if interested.
Payment can be done via bank transfer or Paypal/BeemIt (preferred)

Regards and Good Luck, Abdul


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