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99.85 - CRACK THE HSC - 4u/3u maths, physics, economics, english - ESSAY WRITING (1 Viewer)


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Aug 2, 2017
I got 99.85 not by being a genius or a workhorse but by Cracking the System. Let me show you how!

For tutoring, all my resources (and essays) will be available, all of which I have spent 100s of hours perfecting.

I am also offering marking/extensive feedback for essays/short answers. I will edit your essay and sentences more than other tutor, guaranteed to significantly boost your marks.

I achieved the following results at St. Aloysius' College:

- English advanced (I ranked 1, HSC mark 96)

- 4U maths (rank 1, mark 94)

- 3U maths (rank 1, mark 98)

- Economics (rank 2, mark 94 - highest mark at my school in HSC)

- Physics (rank 2, mark 95 - highest mark at my school in HSC)

- Italian (mark 95)

- 2u maths (mark 99)

All my students are receiving high A grades across all their subjects.

For maths, ecos and physics I can do (and recommend) group tutoring sessions, for which I charge less depending on number of students.

All the best for the HSC,
Max Marchione

P.S. You can reach me on Facebook for at maxmarchione21@gmail.com

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