99+ ATAR *NEW 2020 SYLLABUS* HSC notes and Essays for Modern History, English Adv, English Ext. 1, Art (1 Viewer)


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Jan 12, 2021
I graduated in 2020 and over the course of the year I wrote really detailed notes which address the syllabus really well. Please PM if you are interested or shoot me a text on 0448797555.

Modern History: $100 for everything
$30 for one of the following topics: Russia, Power and authority, Indochina and American Civil Rights Movement
For the essay topics (Russia and Indochina) my notes are really detailed essay plans for each syllabus point. They also come with a condensed seperate document for dates, stats and historiography for easy study.
For the source question topics (P&A and Civil Rights), they come with super detailed notes addressing Civil Rights movement and also condensed seperate documents for dates and stats.

English Advanced: $100 for everything
$20 for one of the following topics: Merchant of Venice, Donne and W;t, Artist of the Floating World, Module C (Atwood and Kafka).
Each come with very detailed quote tables with highly researched analysis and also seperate essay plans.

English Ext 1: $50 for everything
$25 for one of the following topics: Waiting for Godot, Frankenstein and I can also give my related texts as well (PM me).
$25 for the common module notes - really detailed, outlining the different literary eras and providing quotations from important authors to bring in to your responses.

Art Notes: $20
I received a state ranking for art!

I can provide essays for all of these as well for $25 so please PM.
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