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AIM vs JMC vs UOS for Contemporary Music (1 Viewer)


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Aug 28, 2014
Hello. I'm a student finishing Year 12 who is pursuing a career in Music. Although I know that the real career is the one you find outside for yourself, I want to attend Uni for Music so I could get a broader knowledge of musical theory and practical skills and even support my skills with Management and other Production characteristics.
I would like to gather some information from users that might have been in any of the Music courses from these unis i've looked up or suggest any other unis I could research.
I've been looking up the Contemporary Music degree in AIM, I do have a friend in there and he says he is enjoying it. But I don't know theres something about AIM that, even though looks attractive, tells me it isn't the best place to study music.
I've also looked up the Music degree in JMC Academy, apparently JMC has improved its Performance degrees and its getting better than it used to be, does anyone know about this?
I also do feel really really attracted by the Bachelor of Music/Contemporary Performance from University of Sydney. A friend has attended it and he says that it could be one if not the best music degree in the whole country. Apparently you get to do lots of theory and prac work at both the campus and the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Does anyone know about these degrees? I think that I would be really interesting to support this music degree perhaps with a Commerce or a similar degree in which I could study some kind of management/marketing/human resources so i could also learn how to support myself more efficiently in the industry. Anyone that knows about the double degrees and the quality of these and also about curt of marks and things like that that I should also have in consideration?
Thanks for your help !

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