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Dec 11, 2022
hey guys, is anyone able to help me with the following anatomy questions pls, urgently need help 😭

  1. Your client has foot drop which nerve could be damaged
    1. ____ lumbar spinal nerve in her back
    2. ____ nerve in gluteal region
    1. You observe that your clients pelvis is excessively anteriorly tilted when they stand with their foot shoulder width apart. The facial structure that may be too tight is the ____ band. The only uni articular muscle that could be too tight is the ____.
    2. Your clients vasti muscles are active for about one third of each gait cycle when your client is walking forward at a comfortable pace. Type the word con/iso/eccentrically
      1. The clients vasti will be contracting concentrically for most of the initial stance phase
      2. Vasti will be contracting ____ for most of the terminal swing sub phase
  2. Joint motionSub phase of gait cycle when joint motion reaches maximum range
    Thigh flexion at the hip At the beginning of ____ swing
    Ankl edorsiflexion At the beginning of ____ swing
    Big toe hyperextensionAt the beginning of ____ swing
    1. Type medial, lateral, anterior, posterior, transverse, oblique
      1. In the thigh, the ___ intramuscular septum separates the medial and posterior muscle compartments. In the leg the muscle in the lateral leg compartment are separated from the ankle dorsiflexors by the ____IMS. IN THE LEG MISCLES IN THE SUPERIOFICIAL posterior leg compartment are separated from the muscles in the deep posterior leg compartment by the ____ IMS.
    2. One high cervical muscle limiting head flexion only is the rectus capitis posterior ____

this was a practise paper and these were the only questions i really couldnt understand any help is appreciated!! thank youu

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