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asianese's English Adv raw marks (1 Viewer)

Sep 20, 2010
Paper 1
Reading task: 15/15 (FUCK YEAH!! ..I've come a long way from 10/15 in the first assessment (which was worth 15% and so my rank could have been significantly better but oh shwell) - also this is my first 'full marks' in English EVER - since yr7 :mad2:)
Narrative: 12/15 - weak links to the question but had good overall 'belonging' aspects
Romulus my Father: 12.5/15 - weak related text caused this I think

Paper 2
Frankenrunner: 15/20 - didn't say much about question, it was just a top/tail with my essay
Gwen Harwood: 15.5/20 - best essay yet I quoted The Violets when I was wanting to talk about At Mornington - But, I had NEVER done analyses on At Mornington (I hadn't done them for Triste, Triste because it was so damn hard to understand and AM because it was the most common so I thought it wouldn't be quoted - ...) and so with the small quotes I remembered, this is a good result
Julius Caesar: 14/20 - HAHA, yeah didn't read the question!

Raw raw mark: 84/105 -> 87/100 after option scaling -> 90/100 exam mark.

Considering I was looking at bottom stream class with no change of even a band 5, this is a wonderful result, for me personally.

By comparing the raw mark of deswa1's 87.5/105 -> 89/100 -> 92/100 exam mark, we can see that option scaling does have some effects: my raw raw went up by 7% whilst deswa1's only by 5.67%. However the alignment is very 'close', probably for the band 6 side of the spectrum.

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