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Dec 17, 2019
Hey all,

I'm offering tutoring for the New Chemistry & Biology Syllabus for years 11 & 12

About me:
- Chemistry: 99 as Examination Mark in the HSC (highest exam mark in the state), 98 in Trials (1st in school),
- Biology: 95 as HSC mark, 96 in Trials (3rd in school), HD in the ASI Biology Olympiad
- 2019 Sydney Grammar School Graduate
- Sydney Scholar Award (USYD Scholarship) for the full duration of my degree
- I have 3 years of experience teaching students both 1 on 1 as well as 30 students at a time

Content of lessons include:

1) Employing different productivity hacks to maximise your efficiency while studying

2) Systematically going through the syllabus and ensuring all examinable content has been learnt

3) Revising difficult concepts by going in-depth and understanding rather than memorising chemical and biological processes

4) Refining exam technique in order to minimise marks lost to careless errors

5) Making personalised tests for you, marking them, and using them to gauge your understanding of the module and adapt the content of lessons accordingly

Overall, you will attain an in-depth integrated understanding of chemical and biological concepts, which is a far superior learning method than simply rote learning the information. This is especially pertinent to the new syllabus where questions are designed to penalise a memorisation approach to studying and reward a deeper conceptual understanding of the course.

1 on 1
- $60/hour for y11/12.
- Since this is the New Syllabus, question banks and resources are scarce. This price includes access to all my notes I've made over the years. I also have access to nearly all the 2019 Trial past papers for Chemistry & Biology and my notes have been adapted to reflect the wording of the marking schemes. The personalised tests I make for you will directly mimic the type of questions that are found in the HSC & Trial papers.
- The first lesson is half price

-Either a USYD Library eg. Fischer Library (Camperdown) or Stanton Library (North Sydney)

Email me at for more info.
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