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Colleges Yay or Nay? (1 Viewer)


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Aug 31, 2017
Hey Guys,
I am aiming to go to USYD in 2020. I just have a few questions about colleges in recent years as most of the other threads are from ages ago and I don't know if they are still relevant. I have gone to private all-boys schools throughout high school and have enjoyed it mostly. I'm no jock, I used to play sport competitively but gave it up and have been focusing more on academics. My reasons for going to college would mainly be the social aspect which I really want to make the most of during Uni as I haven't been allowed to do much during high school. Parties, drinking and all that shit, while of course maintaining grades and hopefully working. Also if I drove from home it would take 1 and a half hours to get to uni or 3 hrs everyday just travelling which I don't wanna do.

Would you guys recommend college for someone like me?
Is it everything the media makes it out be (extreme hazing, sexual harrassment etc)?
Which college is the best (stereotypes of drews johns pauls)?
If I'm not some douchey jock would I still fit in or would I just not belong srs?
R they kind of resented by everyone else?

I know that these questions are really general and that u can't generalise everyone like that, but I just want a rough idea.

Thanks in advance any info is really helpful for me.


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Jun 18, 2013
I personally don't know anyone from the colleges, but you can party, drink and whatnot without needing to live in one. It's probably a lot easier to manage decent grades while going out drinking/partying with your friends if you lived elsewhere, so that way you can shut out the partying when you need to actually get work done. (I met a transfer student last semester, and their grades sucked because the people he lived with had parties often and drank all the time. And even though he initially enjoyed all that, he got sick of it and couldn't study when he needed to.)

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