Does anyone here study a masters in health policy or public health? (1 Viewer)


Oct 29, 2013
I am a combined arts/ law student at the moment interested in going into health law and policy development. The health industry has always interested me and it's also a growing industry which will require matters of health, ethics and policy to come into question.

Usyd offers a masters degree in health policy which states on their website is available to individuals of both health and non-health backgrounds.

I just wanted to know how anyone found this degree? How it helped them/ directed their career?

Also I understand a lot of people who go into health policy were already doctors or health specialists making them more favorable to most to direct matters in the field of healthcare policy. As someone without prior experience of health/ medicine as a career but someone who would like to pursue a career in health law and policy development do you think having done a law degree is helpful or is it preferable to be in the area of a health profession already.

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