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[EPPING - 6 Years Experience, 99.80 James Ruse] Chemistry, Physics and Maths (NEW SYLLABUS) (1 Viewer)


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Jan 11, 2020
Hello, my name is Duncan. I am an experienced Yr 7 to HSC teacher for Maths, Chemistry, and Physics, updated for the new syllabus (HSC 2019). I have adopted a friendly, motivational and effective approach for my students, seeing their attitude and marks improve. I tutor in Epping, conveniently located near Epping Station.

The subjects I tutor include:

- Chemistry (Yr 11 Preliminary and Yr 12 HSC)
- Physics (Yr 11 Preliminary Yr 12 HSC)
- Mathematics (All levels to Extension 2 Mathematics)
- Yr 7-10 Maths, English, Science

~$50/hour (small group)
$80/hour (one to one) (first lesson)

Lesson structure:
*Lessons are weekly 2 hours long
*If you bring a few friends along, I can tutor small groups of 2 to 3 for a discounted price.
- engaging discussion/help with school homework and upcoming assessments
- a prepared and accurate compilation of notes from a variety of sources such as state-ranker notes, various tutoring colleges, textbooks, James Ruse school notes, all synthesised and summarised into a condensed theory booklet.
- homework which is expected to be completed by the next lesson which will be thoroughly marked and mistakes corrected
- weekly quizzes which also will be professionally marked with accurate HSC-style feedback
- and a huge archive of past exam papers with complete worked solutions for effective application of knowledge into practice

About me:
Full-time HSC tutor and also studying Medicine at UNSW. I graduated from from James Ruse Agricultural High School in 2014 and completed the HSC with an ATAR of 99.80. With 6 years of specialised tutoring experience for Year 10 to 12, working both as a teacher for Talent 100 and as private tuition, I have seen my students improve significantly across all subjects. Past students have consistently improved and achieved top results, including 3rd state rank in the 2015 Physics HSC, 99.95 ATARs, UNSW medicine.

Feel free to directly contact my number,
Duncan Ma

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