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Experienced Coach - University coaching, tutoring. Realistic B's into A's (1 Viewer)


New Member
Jan 14, 2022
Hi All,

A bit about myself:
I'm 23 and currently work as both an institutional and individual stocks trader. I came out of university joining a top consultancy working with all of the Big 4 banks and several global investment banks.

Something I've realised working with executives and colleagues from across the global is this: There's skill gap between AUS and the rest of the world.

My current passion project is to build a portfolio of students who want to take their studies, their goals and ultimately their success to the next level.

I have worked in the past as a tutor and have done extensive university coaching and campus recruitment as a volunteer for my previous organisation.

Subjects I can tutor you in:
- English (up to HSC Adv)
- Mathematics (up to HSC Adv)
- Japanese
- Legal Studies

Ultimately my goal is to:
Build Mathematics Confidence, Nurture English Mastery and a powerful Growth Mindset

Don't be intimidated by any of what I've communicated so far - see this as an opportunity for yourself.

Rates start at $50 an hour - You'll get way more than what you're paying for. Investment banking coaches literally get paid ~$1.5k for a half an hour call to put things in perspective.

Happy to link you up to any of my success stories if you're interested.

DM me to get started but ask general questions in the forum post.

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