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Jul 28, 2002


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Sep 6, 2007
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Read before posting

It hasn't been brought up in here for a while, but a few of us were discussing some issues in this Prelim forum: namely that people are misusing the forums, and evidently not reading or following instructions which have been given!

It has come to my attention that SOME of you seem to have some form of issue with selecting a forum in which to create your most likely pointless new thread, on a topic which has most likely been covered several hundred times before you stumbled across it.

For your sake and my sake, and to save the global moderators and administrators’ time, effort, and a lot of worry, here are a few guidelines to help you in this perilous task!

1)Refer to Anti’s thread which explains exactly what should and should NOT be posted in the preliminary forum! Please keep in mind: Any subject specific questions should go into the appropriate HSC forum, as opposed to cluttering up the prelim general discussion forum!
This list should give you enough of a scope of which forum is appropriate for your subject specific question to go into!

2)Another pro-tip for posting your new thread, assuming you have followed the above suggestion, is that if you are not sure exactly where to post your thread, look for SIMILAR threads and post in those forums (e.g. Biology questions in a sub-forum which already has some different questions, and so on and so forth). Alternatively, you could decide not to waste your own time and find conglomerate threads, already established by other people and contribute and take from those threads :)

3)ONCE YOU HAVE IDENTIFIED THE CORRECT SUBJECT FORUM IN WHICH TO BE POSTING… browse the threads which are already within the forum or sub-forums thereof, and see if your query has already been covered!

4)Please do not be scared of the search function.

This image should clearly illustrate for you WHERE the search button is on the site. If you wish to search for a thread on advanced cellular reproduction involving lymphocytes, do not search as in the image below:

as this search will not bear any fruits. Instead, try searching using the broad keywords “cell” and “reproduction” , in order to yield a greater range of results. Not only should you become friendly with the search function, but you should also use it when wondering whether or not you should create a new thread!

5)Finally, please be nice to us, your peers, and type in a legible way. I donnnnnnnn’ttttt wannnnnnnnt 22222 havvvv 22 spendddd hrrrrrssss trrrryyyyyyinnnn 2 figaaaa ouuutttt wotttt uuuuu meeeeean ok? If you’re asking an academic question, and expect a formal answer, please at least follow some sort of conventional English, otherwise expect to be ignored.

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