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Nov 20, 2017
"Any significant discovery has both short and long term effects."

To what extent is this view reflected in your prescribed text (Frank Hurley: the man who made history) and ONE other related text of your own choosing (The Little Prince)?

I've got some ideas for the essay points but my teacher who is marking it gave very vague comments on whether they were relevant or not.

1: Hurleys short term discoveries of physical items (PNG) has allowed greater long term discoveries that has established emotional connections between generations

2: Hurleys daughters discovery of their father through physical unearthings of his photos, allowed them to in a sense, rediscover themselves

3: Similar to Hurley, the Little Prince discovers new worlds, furthermore the discoveries have a significant impact on the Prince much like the war had on Hurley emotionally and psychologically

4: The pilot rediscovers his inner child through the Little Prince, goes on an emotional journey like Hurleys daughters.

Thank you!!

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